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neighbor under investigation for complicity

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Novelty in the case of Ariano Polesine (Rovigo), where 32-year-old Moroccan Rkia Hannaoui was killed on Tuesday by her 8-year-old son, who accidentally fired a gunshot. The 81-year-old neighbor, who kept some hunting rifles and the murder weapon – which disappeared and was later found by the carabinieri, hidden under a few centimeters of earth – is being investigated for complicity in manslaughter. The man, who has always denied any involvement in the facts, would have already received the notification from the prosecutor. The crime of complicity could be the criminal consequence of the omitted custody of weapons (now decriminalized), i.e. for having allowed Rkia’s two sons, who lived on the ground floor, to have access to the cabinet in which the elderly man kept his gun.

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