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Nobody says it, but raw basil causes this reaction in the body

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Nobody says it, but raw basil causes this reaction in the body

Il basil it is a herb widely used in cooking, especially for the first courses. However, attention must be paid to eat raw basil because it can cause health problems.

Raw Basil: What Happens?

We usually use raw basil in cooking but it can be a mistake. Eating it raw is not good for you! Raw basil if not washed well causes intoxication. Instead, many often have difficulty digesting it and therefore can also have indigestion.

When we cook the leaves of basil plants, we make them more digestible. Digestion becomes favorable and therefore we do not risk not digesting the entire meal. So it doesn’t take much, just put it a little before finishing cooking, to avoid digestive problems.

Some studies have also shown that the methylugenol contained in the basil it is carcinogenic when taken in large doses.

Raw basil: all the properties

Il basil it is a plant widely used in Italian cuisine, but not only, it is an excellent ally for health. Used for infusions and essential oil is also obtained. Contains flavonoids and essential oil of estragole.

  • Basil lowers blood pressure levels
  • Ha antioxidant properties useful in contrasting aging
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties
  • excellent diuretic
  • Basil essential oil also has excellent antibiotic properties

In medicine, basil is used to counter flatulence, to promote diuresis and in case of inappetence.

How to use it in the kitchen

The best way to use basil in the kitchen is to buy it fresh. Wash them very well under cold running water then let them dry in the middle of 2 clean tea towels. Once dry, put it in jars if you want to keep it.

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As for the storage, it can last at least 2-3 days in the fridge. To keep it better, it should be closed in a cloth and not in a simple envelope, so it can be kept well. Alternatively it can be frozen to use it in the future; it can stay up to 6 months.

How to grow it at home

If you don’t want to buy it all the time, you can grow it yourself. They usually sell it in plastic containers; you will have to place it in a special earthenware pot.

How to do?

  • Turn the jar upside down to take out the whole clod
  • it separates the earth into various sections so as not to break any roots
  • take the target pot and partially cover the hole in the bottom with a piece of crock.
  • Add a couple of fingers of soil
  • then put the small seedlings
  • water the seedlings gently.

Basil needs a lot of light, it should be grown mostly in summer. In fact in the light of the sun it gives its best; it must always be well wateredwithout stagnation.

Attention in winter, better to keep it indoors but in a place where there are at least 20-25 °.

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