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Nunu and Ike are the protagonists! Riot unveils 2 “League of Legends” extended games-Free News 3C Technology

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(Picture/Review from Riot’s official website)

In recent years, Riot Game has not only continued to cultivate “League of Legends”, but also expanded the game universe through a series of extended works. It also launched cross-platform mobile game works such as “Rune Land” and “Fighting Canyon”, which were officially released again today (11/17) 2 extended games of “League of Legends” with Nunu and Ike as the protagonists.

The first is the single-player adventure game “League of Legends: Song of Nunu” created by Tequila Works. With Nunu of the League of Legends as the protagonist, to set foot on the land of Freljord to search for the missing mother, the player needs to interact with Snow Blame “Villanpu” on the map together to solve puzzles.

(Picture/Review from Riot’s official website)

The other is the release of “League of Legends: Convergence” in December 2019. Riot Game showed the latest trailer. This is a stand-alone action game with Ike as the protagonist. It adopts a cartoon-style horizontal 2D scroll design. Players need to use Ike’s special skill “Go Back in Time” to advance gradually on the map.

The above two models are expected to be available on all platforms, and will appear on Switch, PC, PS, Xbox and other platforms in 2022. At the same time, Riot Game also officially announced that another RPG game “League of Legends: Fallen Kings” will be officially launched today.

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