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Paola Barale confesses her illness and the decision taken

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Paola Barale confesses her illness and the decision taken

In a moving interview, Paola Barale confesses her illness and the decision she has made. Here’s what it will do

There are often stories that we do not know, despite the fact that the protagonists of these are well-known characters in the entertainment world. We are talking about Paola Baralewho spoke about his in an interview disease.

(Paola Barale illness / Rai / Archive)

Guest during an episode of Domenica In, the new contestant of Dancing with the stars has decided to talk about her private life and some of her health conditions. In fact, the woman spoke of her absence from the world of television for some years, in addition to her illness. In addition, she also wanted to address the issue of her illness, communicating what she is her decision about her. Here it is what did he say.

Word Barale talks about his illness: “Here’s what I decided to do”

Arrived as a competitor of Dancing with the Stars 2022 in great shape, Paola Barale has decided to indulge in ainterview with Domenica In, speaking of the pathology from which he suffers. The showgirl has been away from the world of television for many years, but she is now back on Rai 1 to face the famous talent show.

Hers is a crazy shape and the condition of her body proves it, despite the beautiful showgirl declared: “I never liked her“. The new dancer said that when she was young she did not like herself very much and that now, when she reviews the photos she says “kill”, stating that now she doesn’t like herself, but that in twenty years she might say to herself that it’s not so bad .

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(Paola Barale illness / Ansa)

But not only physical and youth. Interview from the timeless Mara Venierthe beautiful Barale also spoke about some of her health conditions, addressing the theme of hers disease. The 50-year-old, who still looks very young and in great shape, has announced that she is suffering from spondylolisthesisa serious back condition.

I have a vertebrae that has slipped forward a little – revealed the showgirl – but I decided not to (referring to the operation proposed by the doctors) and I decided to face it with physiotherapy because they should put a prosthesis on me ”. Therefore, the Barale has made the decision not to operate and to act, instead, through the physiotherapy. So we can do nothing but a great good luck for the showgirl, wishing her good performances in the talent show.

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