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Premenstrual syndrome doubles the risk of early menopause |

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Premenstrual syndrome doubles the risk of early menopause |

The consequences of premenstrual syndrome they are not only short-term, but also affect the lives of women who suffer from them many years later.

The classic symptoms of premenstrual syndrome I am:

abdominal cramps, headache, anxiety, pain, mood swings and irritability, hot flashes.

This health problem should always be investigated, because it is not normal to live with these symptoms. If you suffer from it, contact your gynecologist.

Cconsequences of premenstrual syndrome: the Swedish study

Now a new study from the prestigious research center Karolinska Institute in Sweden has found that those with premenstrual syndrome are 2.67 times more likely to go through menopause years earlier compared to the average. Be careful, it does not mean that those with this syndrome will necessarily go through early menopause. However, the risk of this happening increases.

What are the problems associated with early menopause?

We talk about early menopause when arrives before the age of 45. This condition affects between 5 and 10% of the female population.

Early menopause isn’t worrisome just because shortens the years in which a woman is fertilebut also why anticipates all the problems that must be faced when this natural period arrives. For example, we know that one of the most disabling disorders isosteoporosis, which mainly affects women after menopause. The chances of having cardiovascular disease also increase. Identifying women at risk is essential to undertake all the necessary prevention measures as soon as possible.

Consequences of premenstrual syndrome and menopause: previous studies

One 2010 study found that women in early menopause are more likely to die from cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis and neurological diseases. Early menopause also raises your chances of having typical menopause hot flashes and night sweats.

Someone previous research they had discovered a link between hot flashes and cognitive decline.

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Researchers at the Swedish research center analyzed data from over 3,000 women, of which 1,220 with premenstrual syndrome and 2,415 without. The data dates back to 1991 and experts visited them every two years until 2017.

Now a study is needed to understand the reasons for this link

The study is only observational, therefore statistical. He does not explain the reasons for this relationship. Now the researchers will have to carry out another study to investigate the reasons. The main hypothesis is that these two conditions have very similar risk factors, such as development during puberty and cigarette smoking. Furthermore, the hypothalamus, the area of ​​the brain from which hot flashes arise, is different in women who have hormonal disorders.

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