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Prepared for chocolate cream, salami and recalled instant noodles

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Prepared for chocolate cream, salami and recalled instant noodles

long S reported the recall by the manufacturer Cameo Spa of a batch of Panenageli brand chocolate flavored cream preparation “following the finding of lupine proteins not declared on the label“. The product concerned is sold in packs of two bags with the batch number D L376507 and the best before date (Tmc) 19/09/2023.

As a precaution, Cameo advises people allergic to lupins not to consume the chocolate cream mix with the reported batch number. The company specifies that for consumers who are not allergic to lupins, the product poses no health risks. For more information, you can contact the Paneangeli toll-free number 800 211292.

Pancit Cantonese noodles extra hot chiliBasko supermarketson the other hand, has published the precautionary warning by the producer of a batch of ‘Pic Nic’ salami under the Primia brand for the “possible presence of Salmonella-Listeria“. The product in question is sold in pieces of 250 grams with the batch number 229137 (EAN: 2285544000008).

The salami recalled it was produced by the Fumagalli Industria Alimentare Spa company.

Original Cantonese pancit noodlesIn the end the Ministry of Health has again signaled the recall by the manufacturer of different types of instant noodles under the Lucky Me! brand. Pancit Canton of 60 grams with the original flavors, hot chili, kalamansi and chilimansi and Beef Mami of 55 grams for the “presence of ethylene oxide beyond the legal limits“. All lots and Tmc up to 12/31/2022 are affected.

Instant noodles recalled were produced by the company Monde Nissin (Thailand) Co. Ltd. in Thailand and marketed by Fresh Tropical Srl.

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Pancit Cantonese noodles with lime juiceAs a precautionit is recommended not to consume the products indicated and return them to the point of purchase.

From 1 January 2022 The Food Fact reported 89 recalls, for a total of 180 products. To see all notifications Click here.

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