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Quick help for gas-related gastrointestinal problems Velgastin® launches new chewable tablets

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Quick help for gas-related gastrointestinal problems Velgastin® launches new chewable tablets

Wednesday, February 14, 2024, 9:30 a.m

Bloating is not uncommon among adults – according to a survey1 Every third German suffers from digestive problems. A fact to which Velgastin®, the gastro brand from Engelhard Arzneimittel, is reacting and will be bringing the Velgastin® flatulence chewable tablets, a solid dosage form for adults, onto the market from the end of January 2024.

Having air in your intestines is completely normal. But what happens when bloating occurs persistently? Then they are one thing above all: annoying. What is needed are practical helpers such as the new Velgastin® flatulence chewable tablets, which fit in every handbag and can be taken anywhere. Because no matter whether you’re in a restaurant, doing sports or in the cinema – when your stomach grumbles and presses, you need a quick and efficient solution.

“We are very pleased that we will be able to expand our brand portfolio to include Velgastin® flatulence chewable tablets in the first quarter of 2024. After the Velgastin® Flatulence Suspension, which we successfully introduced for babies and pregnant women in 2020, we are now bringing a new, solid dosage form for adults to pharmacies with the chewable tablets,” reports Zarah Adam, Senior Brand Manager for the Velgastin® brand. The Velgastin® flatulence chewable tablets help quickly and specifically against flatulence and a feeling of fullness. Unpleasant flatulence occurs when air builds up in the digestive tract and cannot escape.

The active ingredient simeticone reduces the surface tension of the gas bubbles, causing them to burst.

Simeticon is not absorbed by the body and is very well tolerated. The active ingredient has been used to treat flatulence for decades – so far there are no known interactions with other medicines.

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The dosage for adolescents aged 14 and over and adults is a single dose of 1 to 4 chewable tablets, which can be taken 3 to 4 times daily. In addition to treating gas-related gastrointestinal complaints, the chewable tablets can also be taken to prepare for abdominal examinations.

Peppermint, fennel and coriander: These three ingredients make up the mild taste of the new chewable tablets. The Velgastin® flatulence chewable tablets are vegan, gluten and lactose free. Like all Engelhard Arzneimittel products, the chewable tablets are manufactured in Germany.

#bloatbellyfree: Facebook channel for best agers launches

Parallel to the launch of the new Velgastin® flatulence chewable tablets, you can find them on the Facebook channel facebook.com/velgastin
January 2024 new, exciting content about intestinal health and nutrition, but also tips, tricks and promotions for best-agers.

“The focus is on the hashtag #bloatbellyfree, which also accompanies the campaign and expresses in one word what it is for
Velgastin® flatulence chewable tablets are available,” reports Zarah Adam.

And things continue to be exciting with the latest brand from Engelhard Arzneimittel: There will be another launch in 2024 under the umbrella brand Velgastin®, which will add another product to the portfolio of the gastro brand.

More information about the Velgastin® flatulence chewable tablets can be found from January 2024 under the link: www.velgastin.com/products/velgastin-chewable tablets.

Do you need further information, images or videos for your reporting? Would you like to have an interview with a pharmacist from Engelhard Arzneimittel or Brand Management? Please contact PR manager Désirée Stobbe directly, [email protected]

Velgastin® flatulence chewable tablets
Active ingredient: Simeticone 41.2 mg/ml

Application areas:
For the symptomatic treatment of gas-related gastrointestinal complaints, e.g. B. Flatulence (meteorism), feeling of fullness. To prepare for examinations in the abdominal area, such as x-rays and sonography.

For information about risks and side effects, read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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Stand: 05/2023

1 Statista Consumer Insights, Statista Global Consumer Survey, Dezember 2021.

About Engelhard

As one of the leading brand manufacturers in the OTC sector, Engelhard researches and develops branded medicines made from active ingredients that are among the best in their class. The result is internationally leading brands such as Prospan, Sinolpan®, isla®, Tyro-sur® and Velgastin®, which are manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standards and sold in more than 100 countries. The core competencies of the company, which was founded in 1872 from a pharmacy in Frankfurt, lie in the areas of respiratory and skin diseases as well as digestive problems. More than 550 employees now work for this purpose, generating annual sales of more than €160 million. You can find more information at www.engelhard.de.

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