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Tronsmart T7 Lite in the test, inexpensive Bluetooth speaker with app connection

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Tronsmart T7 Lite in the test, inexpensive Bluetooth speaker with app connection

With the T7 Lite, Tronsmart offers an affordable outdoor Bluetooth speaker. This should score points with high waterproofness, portable and stylish design and of course great sound.

This for under €50, which at first glance seems like a great deal. But what does it look like in practice?

Does the Tronsmart T7 Lite sound good too? Let’s find out!

At this point, many thanks to Tronsmart for providing the T7 Lite for this test.

Tronsmart T7 Lite test, the external impression

The T7 Lite relies on a “roller design”. The speaker is built round and covered with a kind of linen material.

You will only find a passive radiator at the ends of the speaker.

With 195 x 72 mm and a weight of 469g, the speaker can be described as compact/small. However, this is not a “mini Bluetooth speaker” either.

An important factor is water protection, which Tronsmart specifies at IPX7. IPX7 is a fairly strong water protection for a Bluetooth speaker and theoretically allows the speaker to be completely submerged without causing any damage.

Accordingly, the 6 control buttons on the back are covered with rubber and there is a large rubber flap above the ports.

Under this rubber flap we find the USB C charging port, as well as a microSD memory card slot. Yes, the speaker can play music directly from memory cards.

According to the manufacturer, the battery life should be 24 hours (without the lighting). I can also +- confirm the magnitude.

Lighting and app

RGB LEDs are installed in the end pieces of the T7 Lite, which simply glow colorfully during operation and reproduce patterns. These also react somewhat to the music you play.

You can also personalize this a little using the Tronsmart or switch off the LEDs completely for better battery life.

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You can also adjust the sound of the speaker using the Tronsmart app. There are some EQ presets you can choose from here.


Let’s start with the basics first. We have a Bluetooth speaker here that costs less than €40. This sounds absolutely reasonable, but of course it is not a speaker that can fill a large living room with thunderous bass.

But let’s start at the beginning. The highs of the T7 Lite are great! These are wonderfully clean, clear and airy, just the way I like them. There is nothing to complain about for a speaker of this class.

The mids are ok so far, even if the speaker doesn’t sound overly full-bodied. But voices are reproduced cleanly and easily understandable.

But what about the bass? The bass is okay for a speaker of this size. However, the Tronsmart T7 Lite is not a bass monster either. It has a usable bass, but won’t shake your table either.

I would say the general strength of the Tronsmart T7 Lite is the range of sound and also a bit of “sharpness”. The speaker sounds very clear and also appears quite detailed.

The level stability is quite decent.

With the help of the EQ, you can get a little more bass out of the T7 Lite and generally adjust the sound of the speaker to your needs. However, even with the EQ it won’t be a real “bass bomber” with deep and thunderous bass.

This one is +- at a normal level for a 50€ speaker.


The Tronsmart T7 Lite* is a super exciting Bluetooth speaker due to the price and features!

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Under 50€ for a Bluetooth speaker is generally an interesting price. The T7 Lite also offers app support (with EQ settings), as well as the exciting light show. Of course the latter is just a “gimmick”, but it’s definitely funny and implemented quite well.

In terms of sound, the speaker performs well. We shouldn’t expect miracles here, it’s still a speaker under €40, but it has a clear and clean sound. The bass is decent, but the speaker isn’t a bass monster either, if that’s what you’re expecting.

Nevertheless, in the price range under €50, the Tronsmart T7 Lite is an outstanding model, especially due to its wide range of functions.

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