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concert #56: lamp, olli schulz @ arena | November 19, 2023

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concert #56: lamp, olli schulz @ arena |  November 19, 2023

a show to taste, see, hear, feel, laugh and move! “Olli Schulz” was in the arena to serve all of our senses!

where should I start? The “Olli Schulz” concert was sold out very quickly (and rightly so!) and that’s exactly why I wanted to be there as early as possible that evening. To get a good spot and crepes (!)! Yes, Olli Schulz had his own crepe chef with him and at first we thought it was just a rumor, but we actually saw people with crepes on social media, so the crepe chef had to be hiding somewhere in the Vienna arena. We first looked for our desired spot and when we found it, it quickly became clear that we couldn’t all go looking for crepes together. So I stayed where I was and let my companions flow away. My companions actually got to enjoy the food, but not me. Shortly before the concert started, I wanted or had to concentrate on the music and couldn’t go looking for food. Anyway: I regret it to this day!

and then suddenly it was time for the support act “lampe“, who stood alone on stage with a lot of humor and acoustic guitar music. It reminded me a bit of the early 00s, when sports fans were still cool. and: he was really funny, so we were able to laugh a little bit and that was nice. I can’t say much more about it, my thoughts were secretly on the crepes that I didn’t get hold of.

even before finally “olli schulzWhen we jumped onto the stage floor, we were amazed at how many stuffed animals there were on the stage. We kept discovering new things and wondering which stuffed animal was the best. and then our thoughts were interrupted because then the main protagonist of the evening finally came on stage!

He started his set with the song “just like that” and was bathed in colorful light together with his band, and at the same time, thanks to the stage lighting, I could finally see that the motto was “circus” and for this reason also the (material) Animals were spread all over the stage. creative, creative! Anyway – we focused on the music again, we were at a concert after all. But as a seasoned hard-and-fluffy podcast listener, I was – admittedly – ​​not just there for the music, but also for his stories and jokes. Olli Schulz and his never-ending speeches, what could be better?

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In fact, during the course of the set, I was more fascinated by everything around it than by the songs themselves. Olli Schulz, the showman, didn’t just sing his songs one after the other, but instead jumped around into the audience during the song “Phase”, for example to continue to warble there. That was wonderful! It was also wonderful that he always included his band. I was impressed, for example, by Schrödi’s “whistle solo”. Another highlight from Olli Schulz himself, with a festive and fluffy podcast connection: he sang the intro to “Metal am Wednesday”!

As already mentioned, I wasn’t as impressed with the songs as I had hoped, until the number “New Year’s Eve” suddenly came on. This piece of music touched me completely. uff. The following song “when music was still really big” also did something to me. Had Olli Schulz now unpacked all of his secret weapons? During what was supposed to be the last song, “If the music wasn’t so loud,” the stage lit up with sparkling lights, and Olli Schulz had won me over. I was moved and happy. But: the best part, the encore block, was still to come!

The encore block started with Olli Schulz sitting down, he imitated or rather parodied “Radiohead”, made us laugh heartily and then sang his hit “Player Woman”. Things got really bad with the penultimate song “that’s how it has to begin”: suddenly square IKEA pillows were thrown into the crowd and we all became part of a pretty wild pillow fight. Pillow fight in the arena, you have to let that melt in your mouth. Of course then the focus was completely away from the music, it was just about catching a cushion and throwing it very far away. In the end there was only one more song, namely “if it’s good” – and then Olli Schulz’s concert spectacle was over.

As I was leaving the arena, I also saw the stand where you could turn if you were there alone. And so I discovered everything, everything except the crepes, that you could discover at an Olli Schulz show! what an evening, what an experience!

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