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Moroccan scholar Mustafa Benhamza…a call to trust in God and always look to hope

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Moroccan scholar Mustafa Benhamza…a call to trust in God and always look to hope

Writer: Mounir Al-Hardoul

In a new meeting, we gathered with His Eminence Sheikh Al-Allamah Al-Maghribi Al-Mutazin, President of the Regional Scientific Council of the Eastern Region, and the prominent and active member of the Supreme Scientific Council, Dr. Mustafa Benhamza, a meeting that was preceded by communication accumulations at the level of almost constant communication on many, many matters. A session whose location was determined in advance at the headquarters of the local regional scientific council in the border city of Oujda.
The smile that we saw in His Eminence Sheikh whenever we met him was an incentive and recognition of the high morals of the scholar Ben Hamza, morals that he translated realistically and in everything, in setting appointments, in showing up on time, in humility, in the sincerity of words coupled with actions, in steady steps towards the meeting place. ..in almost everything.
As soon as we sat down…as we were accustomed to with His Eminence the Sheikh, he asked about our conditions…about our writings, then moved directly to balanced and measured speech, so the conversation was comprehensive and symbolic with messages that could not be delved into under any circumstances, in order to always avoid gossip. His Eminence the Sheikh came back. In his talk about many things in a purposeful and precise manner, he talked about the importance of ancient education, and regretted the numbers that speak about the results of modern education policies. He called on everyone to trust in God in every matter, big and small. He directed some of the attendees to prepare optimally for the month of Ramadan. He focused a lot on integrity in Everything, while staying away from suspicions, called on everyone to have a spirit of hope and goodness for the benefit of the soul, the country, and the people.
In front of a place that we value greatly, because of its religious heritage symbolism that only an ungrateful person can deny, we took the initiative to exchange conversation with His Eminence Sheikh Mustafa. We asked him, out of awareness of the enormity of the responsibility placed on him, especially matters related to the communication and religious fields, to include the question about the phone ringing. His own, and then he smiles with a smile of the magnificence of the word, to answer us with certainty, that his phone never stops, day or night, and despite fatigue and illness at times, he is forced to interact with all inquiries from all callers, considering this a message that cannot be left lost, and so on.
And in conclusion before the conclusion!! We affirm, in all objectivity, and even assert that the Kingdom of Morocco has been blessed with a great scholar like Sheikh Mustafa Ben Hamza, a heritage in everything, a legacy that will inevitably remain, forming a lofty history written and transmitted over the years and the succession of generations.

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