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Rejects the Covid vaccine and the Pesaro court orders: “Analyze the composition”

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Rejects the Covid vaccine and the Pesaro court orders: “Analyze the composition”

PESARO – For the first time in Italy the content of the vaccines to mRNA. The Court of Pesaro, in fact, the Technical Consultancy has been admitted and the analysis will proceed. The lawyer Nicoletta Morante is following a civil case and has opened this investigation. You are about a 50-year-old who had already contracted the Covid and doesn’t want to get the vaccine to go to work. He takes the appeal in front of the judge.

The expert

“Thanks to the advice of doctor Raffaele Ansovini, from the Marche region, the applicant, a freelancer from Pesaro, over 50, already cured of Covid infection, unjustly (so we argue) limited in his profession and freedom of movement, as well as suffering from an administrative sanction for violation of the vaccination obligation, he explained to the Court his doubts regarding the administration of mRNA vaccines, asking to ascertain whether it is good medical science to vaccinate the recovered. We wanted to understand if the informed consent to whose signature it would be obligatory is compatible with the mandatory nature, if there are excipients for non-human use or harmful to health or enzymes already found in analyzes recently published in a US scientific journal at the bottom of the report by Dr. . Ansovini, already drafted for this judgment. The Court of Pesaro, accepting the appeal, therefore ordered the technical assessment requested on the analysis of the content of the mRNA vaccines ».

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The defensive thesis

The thesis of the specialist in civil litigation is based on the analysis of the functionalities of the mRNA and enzymes detected with the analyzes. In the Ansovini report he explains: «In the nucleus there is the nuclear DNA, in the mitochondria there is the mitochondrial one. When Covid-19 appeared, it expressed itself in three ways: 5-7% of patients with severe pneumonia, need for intensive care with a high incidence of poor prognosis. 35-40% hospital admissions in need of continuous diagnostic and therapeutic monitoring. 60% asymptomatic. How is it possible that a virus has such a markedly inhomogeneous behavior? Covid-19 or by natural evolution or by human hand is capable of inserting its RNA genome also in the mitochondrial DNA and when it does it shows the worst of itself. That said, what do Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines do? They also integrate the viral RNA of covid-19 into the mitochondrial genome thus occupying the site which, if occupied by the virus, triggers its severe syndrome. In this way, by operating the mRNA vaccines, first of all they do not have the declared functional conformation, and, secondly, while creating an antibody response, the same is ineffective ».

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The specialist continues: «In the long run, the consequences of this anomalous vaccination process are paid by the figures of the CD + 19 lymphocytes which become non-functional as well as less present in percentage. It should be noted that in order to make a vaccine with purely cellular mimetic / topical functions, it was necessary to know immediately that SARS-Cov2 could also be integrated into mitichondrial DNA; but no one ever said. At this point it is only right to see what they are made of ». The lawyer Morante closes: «There is a similar case also in Trento promoted by a dentist. Pesaro can be a forerunner at an Italian level ».

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