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Reopening of Via Giulini Gym: Construction Work Finally Underway

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Reopening of Via Giulini Gym: Construction Work Finally Underway

Local Gym in Via Giulini to Reopen at the End of November

After a long wait and numerous setbacks, construction work on the gym in via Giulini is finally underway, and it is expected to reopen at the end of November. The municipal administration successfully managed to unblock and commence the necessary renovations for the gym, which had been closed since July last year.

The primary focus of the construction work is to bring the sports facility up to fire safety standards. In accordance with regulations, the old seating has been removed and will be replaced with new numbered seats. Additionally, there are roof leaks that need to be addressed.

The building has been in a state of disrepair for several years, and the project faced further delays due to the resignation of the municipal official overseeing the renovations. However, the biggest unexpected obstacle came in the form of an illegal occupation by a family with a minor under their care. Mayor Alessandro Rapinese revealed during a recent council commission session that the gym had been occupied by squatters just as they were ready to begin the renovations. Fortunately, the situation was resolved with the help of a local charity, which provided alternative accommodation for the family.

This summer, reports surfaced regarding the presence of homeless individuals within the gym premises, prompting intervention from the local police. Similar incidents had occurred the previous autumn when homeless people would sleep outside the sports facility. These incidents prompted the local police to conduct inspections in an attempt to identify the intruders.

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Despite these challenges, construction work on the gym commenced on September 15th. The gym in via Giulini holds significant importance for sports activities in the city center, having been utilized for years by the Comense sports club. The eagerly awaited reopening will allow children and teenagers to once again engage in a variety of sports, such as volleyball and basketball, on the historic parquet of Via Giulini.

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