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Riccardi, the family or community nurse is central – Healthcare

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(ANSA) – TRIESTE, JUNE 28 – “We have a pyramid that needs to be overturned: for too many years we have imagined that the health response to citizens’ demands should be anchored primarily within the hospital structures which instead have the function of managing the emergency situation and acuteness. With the result that people, who are not at fault, in times of need go to the places they consider safest: the emergency room and the hospital”. Therefore with “requests and consequent disbursements of services in healthcare spaces assigned to something else”. This was stated by the regional health councilor Riccardo Riccardi speaking at the first regional course for family or community nurses.

“To give the community an adequate health response, we have to tear down pre-established walls, question positions that, perhaps, define someone’s degree more important than someone else, intervene on consolidated models, demolish ‘income from position’: it is the experience that we developed during the pandemic, when we systematized hospitals, emergency rooms, intensive care,” he said.

“The work we have started to train about 400 family or community nurses not only allows us to implement the professional skills of the nurses themselves but represents the only way forward to start overturning this pyramid, getting closer to the citizen physically, in the area where he lives , giving reassuring answers and locally managing predominantly chronic pathologies – explained Riccardi – The project goes in the direction of being close to the citizen in a society that has substantially changed its structure, which allows a longer life but inevitably marked by chronic pathologies” . “The use of technology, the adoption of different forms of procedure and different rules, can allow us to make sustainable a health response that is currently experiencing difficulties. The family or community nurse project speaks of a today’s choice is more central than ever: it will allow people’s demand and needs to be channeled into a much more appropriate, much more orderly, less onerous path for professionals, the system and citizens.

It will, in fact, guarantee accessibility to a health question”.

In other words, “the community nurse will be an important pillar for the development of territorial health, both for personal care and for health promotion.

To establish and certify this role, in line with Ministerial Decree 77/2022 for the reorganization of territorial medicine, we have started a process that will lead, by 2025, to making 400 community nurses active in Fvg” detailed Riccardi. The organizational model for “nurses who today carry out home care functions”.The nurse will be “a point of reference for the community for general nursing care; she will be present in a connective way in the various territorial settings: for example in the clinics “and she will” become an ‘activator’ of neighborhoods, parishes and other voluntary realities “. (ANSA).

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