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Riki, Sorry is the new single: it is told between running, gym and Juve

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Interview with singer Riki, winner of Amici in 2017. He talks about the new single “Sorry”, his relationship with sport, nutrition and Juve

Riki, aka Riccardo Marcuzzo, Juventus fan, is back after two years with the new single “Sorry”, the beginning of a new musical chapter. The Milanese singer-songwriter, passionate about design, over a million followers on Instagram, winner of “Friends” in the Singing category in 2017, had participated in the Sanremo Festival in 2020 and Cristiano Ronaldo was also found in the audience to applaud him. “I didn’t want to believe it – he attacks – I had a hard time concentrating on the lyrics of the song! I have cheered Juve since I was a child, I understand that after nine championships a team has to be refounded, but unfortunately we have failed everything: the midfield doesn’t work, and without that in the Champions League you don’t win, I regret the one with Pogba, Pirlo, Vidal and Marchisio even on the bench , which came close to ultimate success, I hope for a change of gear. We have to grit our teeth to regroup, then maybe buy a center forward and two talented midfielders. Hopefully, the latest results have been positive ”.

And how do you experience the history of capital gains?

“I am embittered in general. The perception among young people, I also speak of teenagers because I know my younger sister’s friends, is tired from this frenetic football, business makes you lose the magic. In this period I would do like Maria to ‘Amici’: she takes away your cell phone so you don’t get distracted by the outside environment and you concentrate on the game “.

“Much. I run three times a week, often in the evening, even on Saturdays at Parco Sempione or Largo Marinai d’Italia. I play football in an amateur league, first winger, then attacking midfielder. And I do a lot of exercises, once a week with the personal trainer, but I also go to the gym, go to FitActive, it’s cheap and it’s open day and night. I regained my muscle tone after the lockdown ”.

“Abs, pull-ups for the lats, bench press with dumbbells. With my arms I don’t exaggerate, I don’t want to become a body builder, when I sing I don’t want to show my biceps “.

“I eat well, healthy, without exaggerating. I try to mix foods well, either pasta or meat “.

“Spaghetti with tomato, cheese and pepper, amatriciana and carbonara. I eat orecchiette like chips, I love Italian cuisine”.

How was the song “Sorry” born?

“From the end of a story, but it’s not a sad song, sometimes you have to apologize and look forward. In the past I have experienced a lot, too much, today I feel centered, calm. I started living alone, I have to learn how to fix the house. I feel like saying something to the kids: get vaccinated! Without knowing it, I found myself close to a positive person, but I didn’t take Covid because I got vaccinated, so I’ll soon do the third dose “.


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