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Rolex Daytona Special Gold Modified Watch White Quartz Case Comes with Inter-pattern Shenghui 500,000

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Rolex Daytona Special Gold Modified Watch White Quartz Case Comes with Inter-pattern Shenghui 500,000

Belgian modification brand Designa Individual (DiW for short) is a prolific brand. The limited number of watches they make are not many, but the styles are introduced very quickly. Like they have recently made a new work – although the object of modification is still the Rolex Daytona The theme of this millennium undefeated, but this new model is really eye-catching. Compared with the brand that used to transform Daytona with carbon fiber material in the past, the style of this new “Golden Essence” has obviously changed. On the one hand, it is the watch. The foundation of the watch seems to have been upgraded to a precious metal style with a gold case like 116508, so the watch exudes a gorgeous golden luster. In terms of the case, DiW has once again demonstrated their R&D talents, giving the gold Daytona an avant-garde and bold new look.

Daytona “Golden Essence” retains the gold bezel, crown and button, DiW directly replaced the case with white quartz fiber material, so the case presents a layered white effect, each layer has a clear black layer, so that The watch looks as if the contour lines have become richer. In addition, the matching golden-yellow strap is fixed by Velcro, so the wearer can easily adjust the length of the strap to suit his wrist circumference, so that the watch fits better on the wrist. The tactile charm, and the black stitching fixed on both sides of the strap by DiW seems to be able to connect the scale of the bezel and the layered texture of the white quartz fiber, giving the watch a sense of harmony and unity. It is worth noting that the buckle of the strap at the velcro fold is also made of white quartz fiber, which once again echoes the special case structure.

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DiW’s latest modified watch Daytona “Golden Essence”. (click to enlarge) ▼▼▼

Compared with the creative breakthrough of the case and the strap, the frontal shape of Daytona “Golden Essence” appears quite satisfactory. DiW tries to maintain the original design. The main adjustment is that the dial is replaced with a goose yellow that echoes the case and strap At the same time, a row of “DiW” words was added to the long series of words at 12 o’clock, and the brand also changed the red “DAYTONA” words at 6 o’clock to black by the way; in addition, the details of the dial include hour markers, The pointer and the small dial shape are exactly the same as the original 116508.

The number of Daytona “Golden Essence” is only 10, and the price of 59,990 Euros seems to be expensive, but if DiW really remodels it with 116508, it will make people feel that it is a bit cost-effective, because the price of 116508 is also nearly HKD 30 10,000, the “price increase” after changing the watch is not so much, but it does not rule out that the brand is to start with the relatively low-priced Daytona and then replace some gold parts.

Co-screening:Rolex|Top 5 best-selling Rolex in the second-hand watch market(click to enlarge) ▼▼▼

By the way, the Daytona modified by DiW with white quartz fiber is not only the “Golden Essence”, but also another “Carbon Irbis”, which is equipped with a carbon fiber bezel, silver-white pushers and crown (not sure about it). Whether it is stainless steel or precious metal), and paired with a black nylon strap, the overall look has a sense of technology panda noodles. Although the appearance is low-key than “Golden Essence”, its price of 60,990 Euros is a little higher than “Golden Essence”. If It’s you, which style do you prefer?

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