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Russia-Ukraine war, US attacks China: “Nothing concrete for peace”

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Russia-Ukraine war, US attacks China: “Nothing concrete for peace”

The meeting between China and Russia did not go down well with the United States. During a briefing at the White House, the spokesman for the National Security Council, John Kirby, spoke of the joint statement released after the summit between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin: “Russia and China want to see the rest of the world play with their rules instead of according to the UN Charter and international law. To comply with the principles of the UN Charter, as stated in the document, Russia must withdraw from all occupied territories in Ukraine. Nothing has emerged from the summit between Putin and Xi so far that gives hope for an early conclusion to the war in Ukraine. Putin has problems of scarcity of resources to wage war and that’s why we don’t want a ceasefire now, because it would give him the opportunity to regroup and then launch new attacks”.

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“Putin – Kirby accuses again – hoped for additional support from China. Lethal weapons from Beijing to Moscow? There is currently no evidence that this is happening. Rather, some Chinese companies supply Russia with dual-use materials, which can eventually be converted into offensive systems. If China wants to play a constructive role then it must push Russia to withdraw troops from Ukraine”. The tension remains high.

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