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Salvini relaunches fiscal peace: ‘Millions of Italians hostage to the Revenue Agency’

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Matteo Salvini relaunches fiscal peace. “A great and definitive fiscal peace between the tax authorities and taxpayers is essential, to free millions of Italians hostage by too many years of the Revenue Agency”, said the deputy premier, in Matera, on the sidelines of a visit to the Mermec-Ferrosud plant. “In my opinion, total tax evaders can go to jail and throw away the key – he then added – but if someone has a problem of up to 30 thousand euros that has been dragging on for years, let’s close it. We ask them for a part and we reset everything else”.

The criticisms from the opposition

But the details are still scarce and therefore it is not clear whether Salvini is referring to

new forms of scrapping. The oppositions are critical, with Maria Cecilia Guerra, head of Labor of the Democratic Party who underlines “when evasion is legitimized, it never stops”. For Francesco Boccia, president of the Pd senators, “Salvini and the right praise evasion”. And the president of the 5 Star Movement, Giuseppe

Conte, attacks: “They are devastating messages, the result of a toxic government subculture”. “Meloni and his clique – he adds – are proving unable to cope with the high cost of living and are looking for scapegoats”. Of “a continuous carousel

of annoying noises”, speaks instead Carlo Calenda, leader of Action, while Angelo Bonelli of Avs stigmatizes: “They wage war on the poor and reward tax evaders”. For the secretary of Si Nicola Fratoianni “it is incredible that the ministers compete in smooth the fur of the smart ones”.

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