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Sanremo, live. Sad closes the race. Giuliano Sangiorgi kisses Emma. Ariston’s ovation for Angelina. Russell Crowe mocks Travolta

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Sanremo, live.  Sad closes the race.  Giuliano Sangiorgi kisses Emma.  Ariston’s ovation for Angelina.  Russell Crowe mocks Travolta

01:02 Sad closes the match

The latest artists competing tonight: La Sad with “Self-Destructive” announced by Oilier.

00:54 Sangiovanni’s turn

The turn comes Saint John with the song “Finiscimi”, announced by Good luck Nek.

00:46 Fiorella Mannoia sings

Touch a Fiorella Mannoia with “Mariposa” announced by Annalisa.

00:32 Edoardo Leo’s monologue

Edward Leo, guest of the third evening of the Sanremo Festival to present his new fiction, spoke about the importance of creating culture. «Every day – says the actor – we talk about feminicide, genocide, wars. Unbearable images and as an artist you feel helpless. Then unpredictable things happen, a friend betrays you or you lose someone, and then knowing that someone has written words for your pain is a salvation. It becomes a cure, a medicine for your incredible wounds. And the same thing happens when we are happy. Even laughing is medicine.”

And he adds: «creating culture is the story of our lives, laughing at us is creating culture». On the Ariston stage, the Roman actor presented the TV series in which he is the protagonist, “Il Clandestino”: 6 episodes which will be broadcast on Rai1 starting from 8 April.

00:18 It’s the Negramaros’ turn

Here comes the turn of the Negramaro with “Let’s start everything again” presented by Emma. The band’s frontman Giuliano Sangiorgi and the singer, both from Salento, kissed each other on the lips before the performance (to give points to those who play FantaSanremo?). The two are united by friendship and by their common Salento origin.

00:11 Ghali performs

He performs Expensive with “My Home” announced by Mahmood.

8 Feb – 11.58pm Teresa Mannino’s monologue

Teresa Mannino’s monologue: «We are in 2024, but we think like 2,524 years ago. The Greek philosopher Protagoras said that man is the measure of all things, and for us the rich, white, Western man is the measure of all things, only he has lost it, he thinks that all the rest of the world is its disposal and what is not needed is eliminated. And women? What are they doing? Yet they are busy. Let’s talk about a human being, even better a human animal.”

8 Feb – 11.47pm It’s Diodato’s turn

The race continues, it’s the turn of Diodate with “Ti muovi” announced by The Kolors.

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8 Feb – 11.41pm Angelina Mango’s turn

It’s up to Angelina Mango with “La noia”, presented by Melody. Ovation from Ariston at the end of the performance.

8 Feb – 23:37 The exhibition of Bresh

He performs from the Costa Smeralda ship Bresh to the tune of “Guasto d’amore”.

8 Feb – 11.32pm Russell Crowe’s dig at John Travolta

Teresa Mannino begins to list with Russell Crowe a series of surnames of American actors of Italian origin (from Di Caprio to De Niro), the actor takes the opportunity to send yet another dig at yesterday’s guest: «Travolta!». Then he mimes the “Ballo del qua qua” gesture and exclaims: «What the f * ck».

Feb 8 – 11.18pm Russel Crowe sings with his band

The international super guest Russell Crowe he takes the stage and sings “Let the light shine” with his band “The Gentlemen Barbers” and Marcia Hines. After a few jokes with Amadeus he utters the famous phrase from “Gladiator”: «At my signal unleash hell».

8 Feb – 11.11pm It’s the turn of the Rich and Poor

I Riches and Poors they sing their “But not all life” introduced by BigMama.

8 Feb – 11.04pm Gianni Morandi returns to Ariston

Ariston acclaims the return of Gianni Morandi, co-host of the 2023 edition. “It seems to me that not even a year has passed,” says Amadeus. «A true friendship has blossomed between us. And at a certain point at breakfast a few days ago I thought: I miss Gianni Morandi, and I called him.”

The two throw Teresa Mannino: «When I was little I wanted to be a singer, my sister told me you’re out of tune and when you sing it rains, and it rained. Tonight I have to disfigure my sister, sing in Sanremo.” And she asks Morandi to sing There was a boy who, like me, loved the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. “At this moment – says the actress – we really need it.” The whole Ariston sings with him.

8 Feb – 10.44pm Alessandra Amoroso performs

It’s up to Alessandra Amoroso with the song “Fino a qui” presented by Dargen D’Amico.

8 Feb – 10.41pm Sabrina Ferilli presents the fiction “Gloria”

Sabrina Ferilli presents the new series “Gloria”, directed by Fausto Brizzi, arriving from 19 February on Rai1.

8 Feb – 10.36pm Jannacci and Massino’s tribute

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Stefano Massini e Paolo Jannacci they sing “The man in the flash”, the story of a worker who dies in a factory explosion and leaves behind a few-month-old baby. “Work is a right that does not include death, protecting workers is a duty,” says Amadeus. And Massini: «There is a love that is never talked about, but fundamental, the one that we should have for our rights, those that we deserve, whoever you are. Long live dignity.”

8 Feb – 10.33pm Paola & Chiara with “Furore”

They perform from the Suzuki Stage in Piazza Colombo Paola & Chiara with “Furor”.

8 Feb – 10.23pm Fiorello: “Travolta? Insulted as if we had robbed two elderly people”

«Ama, they are all insulting us. If we had mugged two elderly people outside the post office they would have insulted us less… mugging is less serious than dancing here and there.” As Fiorello in connection with Amadeus from Aristonello, during the third evening of the Sanremo festival, J. returns to the “case”.ohn Travolta and jokes again about last night’s gag.

«There was also a complaint from the Italian duck association according to which what we did was the worst thing that happened to the ducks after the hunt» concludes the showman.

8 Feb – 10.13pm Rose Villain performs

He performs Rose Villain with the song “Click boom!” presented by Gazelles.

8 Feb – 9.59pm Eros Ramazzotti’s moment

On stage Eros Ramazzotti to celebrate 40 years of “Terra Promise”, launched in 1984 in the “New Proposals” of the Festival. Then he launches an appeal against the war: «There are almost 500 million children living in conflict zones, millions more who will never see the promised land: enough blood, enough wars. Peace! Our thoughts forever.”

8 Feb – 9.58pm The return of Massimo Giletti to Rai

Amadeus will greet you in the payment Massimo Gilettiwhich returns to Rai with a program on the 70 years of public television.

8 Feb – 9.52pm It’s Mr.Rain’s turn

The race returns with Mr.Rain and the song “Due swings” presented by The flight.

8 Feb – 9.35pm Teresa Mannino, gag with Amadeus 8 Feb – 9.28pm The French Saints sing

The race returns with i French Saints and the song “Love in mouth” presented by Clara.

8 Feb – 9.22pm Tribute to “Va pensiero”

Il Choir of the Arena di Verona Foundation sings “Va Pensiero”.

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8 Feb – 9.09pm Bnkr44’s turn

Here comes the turn of the Bnkr44 with the song “Governo punk” presented by Fred DePalma.

8 Feb – 21:03 It’s Maninni’s turn

Touch a Mannin with the song “Spectacolare” presented by Alfa.

8 Feb – 8.57pm First singer competing Il Tre

Opens the race The Three with the song “Fragili” presented by Loredana Bertè. At the end of the performance the singer addresses the theme of fragility and goes down to the audience to give Sanremo flowers to his mother. The audience applauds enthusiastically.

8 Feb – 8.53pm Amadeus opens televoting

Amadeus reminds you that the other 15 artists will perform this evening and will be launched by the 15 singers who performed yesterday. This evening too, the public will vote from home via Televoting and the Radio Jury, both with a weight of 50%.

To vote from your landline you need to dial 894.001 and follow the operator’s instructions, or send a text message to 475.475.1 with the artist’s code. You have a maximum of 5 votes available and the maximum cost for each vote is 51 cents.

8 Feb – 8.50pm Amadeus: «Too much has been said about John Travolta, not enough about Giovanni Allevi»

Amadeus he opens the evening by responding to the criticisms: «Thanks to those who chose to share with us their fragility, their strength, their praise of life. Today there has been a lot of talk, in my opinion perhaps too much, about John Travolta and I believe the right space was not given to the extraordinary testimony of the master Giovanni Allevi».

«Thank you for the affection, for the enthusiasm, for the exceptional ratings you are giving us – said the host – Thanks to the 30 singers, their songs these days are the soundtrack of our lives, the streaming numbers are impressive record, the radio ratings, we won’t talk about it, but an even more heartfelt thank you to those who were able to convey important emotions on this stage.”

8 Feb – 8.35pm We start with the Prima Festival

The evening begins with the Prima Festival hosted by Paola & Chiara con Mattia Stanga e Daniele Cabras.

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