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SBK brings a novel setting project “GummiLove” to Germany

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SBK brings a novel setting project “GummiLove” to Germany

Thursday, December 7, 2023, 4:03 p.m

Together with the GummiLove prevention program, the SBK is committed to the sexual health of adolescents and young adults.

Munich – When am I ready for the first time? How do I say if I don’t like something? Young people have many questions when it comes to sexuality and health. The Internet offers a lot of information, but at the same time it also offers just as much uncertainty.That’s why the SBK Siemens company health insurance company is now supporting the GummiLove educational program as the main partner. The non-profit organization with roots in Switzerland has been committed to the sexual health of adolescents and young adults aged 14 and over since 2009. In collaboration with Sex educators and well-known influencers, athletes and musiciansThe campaign conveys everything important about the “most beautiful sport in the world” in a target group-oriented manner. The program is already established in Switzerland and is now also active in Germany.

Based on the idea of ​​snowboard professional Daniel Rietmann, nicknamed Gummi, GummiLove has developed into one of the largest educational movements in Switzerland in recent years. The prevention program is particularly known for its colorful, fun-loving educational style. Through an anonymous online quiz, educational videos, a specially designed magazine or the #SafetyFirstSet, young people as well as their parents and teachers receive important information for an enlightened, self-determined sexuality.

The #SafetyFirstSet can be ordered free of charge and anonymously with a simple test on the GummiLove website. Included in the set: the campaign magazine with valuable facts and information, a sticker set as well as postcards and a condom. From spring 2024, the program will also offer additional teaching materials with the “Education Box” for teachers and educators who are involved in education and youth work. Numerous joint activities and events are also planned in leisure facilities and on social media.

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Healthy sexuality and responsible protective behavior right from the start
“Sexually transmitted diseases (STIs), contraception, sexual orientation or body image – the list of topics that young people encounter on the way to self-determined sexuality is long. That’s why we’re particularly pleased to bring the GummiLove prevention program to Germany and thus be able to support young people and their parents with sexual education. Because it is clear to us: Sexual education and enlightenment are central keys to healthy sexuality and responsible protective behavior right from the start,” says Franziska Beckebans, head of customer management and care at SBK.

“In Switzerland we are already very successful with our youth activities and campaigns. We have already distributed over 100,000 #SafetyFirstSets to teenagers and young adults via our website, youth work and numerous festivals. It is important to us to meet young people at eye level and to convey content that is fun and really resonates with the target group. We are therefore very pleased to continue our mission ‘Making Safe Love Sexy!’ to bring it to Germany together with the SBK,” says Daniel Rietmann, founder of GummiLove.

Further information about the new offer can be found here:

The SBK Siemens company health insurance company is the largest company health insurance company in Germany and is one of the 20 largest statutory health insurance companies. As an open, nationwide health insurance company, it insures more than a million people and looks after over 100,000 corporate customers in Germany – with more than 1,800 employees in 86 branches.

For over 100 years, SBK has been personally and committedly committed to the interests of the insured. It positions itself as a pioneer for real quality competition in statutory health insurance. From the SBK’s point of view, the prerequisite for this is more transparency for the insured – about relevant financial figures, but also about the willingness to perform, advice and service quality of health insurance companies. In the interests of the customer, SBK also combines the best of the personal and digital worlds and actively promotes digitalization in the healthcare system.

About GummiLove:
The GummiLove association has been committed to prevention and education in the area of ​​sexual health for young people aged 14 and over since 2009. GummiLove is perceived by young people as part of their leisure culture and effectively and specifically promotes responsible and self-determined sexuality. GummiLove reaches the target group where they live and love.

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