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Schlein contested in Bologna, but the axis with Landini is iron

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Schlein contested in Bologna, but the axis with Landini is iron

Galeotta was the shirt. Not so much for the dark color (who knows what the armocromist says), but rather for the writing – the fight always pays off – almost a citation of the Intillimani, and for the symbol imprinted above, that of the historic union of the hard and pure, the Fiom which for years was the undisputed fiefdom of Maurizio Landini.

So yesterday Elly Schleinnovel Joan of Arc according to the mythology that Repubblica tries to build around her every day in the columns of its newspaper, presented herself in the square in Bologna, in the joint demonstration of the trade unions in which they said 25 thousand people took part, to pay homage and be honoured, to remind those who haven’t figured it out yet how their new PD is positioned and to strengthen the iron pact with Maurizio Landini, general secretary of the CGIL but who was head of the FIOM for 7 long years, fighting like a possessed man against what were defined as the “neoliberal” policies of the PD at the time. Those, to be clear, that created over a million jobs. But anyhow, it’s better to stay in the streets and protest.

Of course, there were some boos too. Militants of the UIL timidly tried with a “Go away, no politics here”, just to remember that in that square politics had theoretically been banned and that no exploitation would have been allowed. But in any case, Maurizio Landini took care of defending it, with whom Repubblica still tells us today that he has made a partnership “tortellini pact”.

The pact with the former FIOM secretary is solid and it was signed a few days ago in a symbolic place of Italian politics, at the Stazione Leopolda, the temple of the much criticized Jobs Act: after all, precariousness, minimum wage, defense of basic income, attention to the least. To lower taxes, VAT numbers, development, agreements with entrepreneurs and artisans, infrastructures, open up the sky, not even talking about it. Elly Schlein’s PD starts clearly from the square and only from that.

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Reformism? Not received. It’s definitely archived.

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