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Scientists have detected gravity waves for the fourth time! This time we can also find out where the black hole hits-INSIDE

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Recently, as the epidemic continues to heat up, remote office has gradually become the mainstream, and many companies are also facing the challenge of remote work. Through invisible and automated IT infrastructure, Nutanix continues to provide customers with cloud computing solutions that are more flexible, simple, and flexible, and can adapt to the changing needs of customers (including various remote work needs). Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) combines computing, virtualization, storage, networking, hybrid cloud, and security, making tasks such as deploying virtual desktop environments faster and easier. Traditional IT architecture takes several weeks to complete tasks, and Nutanix may only take a few hours. Portable, subscription-based software licenses provide valuable flexibility. IT infrastructure no longer needs to be combined with specific hardware devices and a single cloud configuration, which is critical when the global supply chain is affected.

The hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) market has been developing rapidly in the past few years. At the beginning, it was a hardware-centric market, focusing on the convenience of purchasing data center hardware and software at one time. However, as software-centric technology suppliers and customers realized that the greatest value and innovation lies in Software, it is rapidly changing, and the IT industry has gradually developed into software-defined products. It may not be surprising to those who pay close attention to the HCI market, but it is a huge change for the IT industry.

This transformation also brings challenges. IDC (International Data Information Corporation) analyzed the difference between the use of Nutanix and the traditional infrastructure in the past. Through the Nutanix solution built on a hyper-converged infrastructure, the impact on the enterprise Benefits, as detailed in the white paper:

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1. An independent view from Nutanix customers on how they can reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) by an average of 62% and achieve an average return on investment (ROI) of 477%.

2. Detailed profit sharing among IT infrastructure, employee productivity, risk mitigation, business productivity and agility.

3. How to evaluate and make good use of enterprise cloud solutions built on hyper-converged infrastructure, the opportunities, challenges, and key trends.

To download the IDC white paper, please click here: https://pse.is/3jeagm

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At the same time, Nutanx has been selected by Gartner as the first choice for customers in the Magic Quadrant for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) for two consecutive years. Gartner’s “Customer Preferred” certification is based on the feedback of 68 customer ratings based on the hyper-converged infrastructure of multiple vendors in the past year. Since Gartner started tracking the market, Nutanix has more than 360 reviews with an average score of 4.8 out of 5.

Nutanix customers said:

Can handle complex data center workloads in all industries
“We have fully introduced the Nutanix platform. Nutanix employees have helped us realize the plan and provided us with a solution architecture, and we have integrated some challenging game software.”
-Database administrator in the service industry

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform Review
“Nutanix makes IT work significantly easier with its virtualization, computing and storage capabilities. I have to say that it is not only beneficial to the IT industry, but also to the company because it greatly reduces costs! The platform provides Scalable high-performance storage and virtualization services, and at the same price, provide us with tools that are easy to upgrade virtual machines. In a conventional environment, we have many considerations and it is really difficult to achieve this.”
-Computer engineers in the service industry

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The best hyper-converged infrastructure ever
“Nutanix provides the best hyper-converged infrastructure! I have used the service for many years to help manage the entire virtual environment, and at the same time monitor the service and maintain the continuity of important business activities. The difficulty is that it consists of nodes that share resources. , But each node has disks, memory, CPU, and other resources.”
-System operators in the medical industry

Easy to implement and growing product
“This product and its professional services have exceeded our expectations. We still use VMware and Nutanix together, but the replacement from the traditional three-tier architecture system to Nutanix is ​​very simple. We also use professional services. We are looking for professionals. After on-site support, we can easily set it up even without their services in the future. The product works well, is easy to operate and very intuitive. Nutanix continues to innovate, integrate and create new products.”
-Information Technology Manager in the financial industry

Easy to install and amazing growth system
“This is a 100% complete software with very good results. We have no problems with use, and we have not seen any malfunctions so far.”
-Network engineer in education

Customer-centricity is one of Nutanix’s core concepts. The company has been awarded a customer loyalty index of 90 points for six consecutive years and a 97% customer retention rate as of the second quarter of 2020. The commitment to customer satisfaction has been recognized.

As many companies prepare for remote work, Nutanix continues to provide smart, simple, flexible cloud software solutions and outstanding customer service to its nearly 16,000 customers worldwide (including 2,000 customers from nearly 900 companies worldwide). The company’s flexible and scalable hyper-converged infrastructure solutions provide the flexibility, scalability and performance required in uncertain times, as well as Nutanix products that are easy to deploy and manage.

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For more Nutanix customer reviews from various industries, please refer to here.

This article is provided by “Nutanix” and reviewed by the editorial planning and editing of the Key Review Media Group.


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