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Should we be concerned if we swallow cherry stones? Here’s what can happen

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Should we be concerned if we swallow cherry stones?  Here’s what can happen
Why you must not eat cherry pits – Streetfoodnews.it

Eating cherry pits is bad for you. If you don’t know why, we’ll explain it to you!

Remember the fairy tale of Snow White? And apple bite and the beautiful princess slips into a very deep dream. Sadly in real life, if you happen to swallow gods cherry pitsmuch worse could happen to you.

One cherry leads to another and in the heat of eating many, it happens forget to pit them and we eat them without having removed the whole stone. Often, by doing so, it could happen to you swallow some nutsbut if until now you’ve always thought it did nothing, you need to know that swallowing cherry pits could give you some little problem.

Remember that fairy tales rest their foundations in reality and today we will reveal to you why you should stop eating nuts some cherries and maybe get into the habit of pitting them before putting them in your mouth.

Some fruits can be poisonous

You have to know, that the seeds and kernels of some fruitssuch as cherry, or even apple, may contain within them small amounts of cyanide. Obviously, a few swallowed cherry stones are not enough to riskcyanide poisoning, but even small doses could cause very annoying problems.

If we happen to swallow a few extra nuts, we could run into complaints such as fever, vomiting, headache and diarrhoea, as well as feeling exhausted, tired and nervous. In some cases, soreness may also be felt muscles or joints.

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Eating the cherry stone: what can happen

As we have said, therefore, it would be advisable to avoid eating cherry pits for don’t run into these problems and make a good habit of pit the cherry before eating it.

Removing the core is really very simple. You can either use tools similar to those for pitting olives, but you can also easily do it with a knife.

Just engrave with the tip of the knife around the circumference of the cherry and rotate the two outlined parts. In this way you will see that the kernel will be removed by making only one very light pressure and the cherry pulp will remain intact.

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