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Silicon dioxide, a meals additive that promotes celiac illness and irritation

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Silicon dioxide, a meals additive that promotes celiac illness and irritation

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Again new scientific analysis printed in {a magazine} Environmental Health Perspectives confirmed the well being dangers of a meals additive broadly utilized by the trade, i silicon dioxide. The examine was carried out by the French institute INRAE ​​​​(National Institute for Agricultural, Food and Environmental Research) and the Canadian college McMaster University. Silicon dioxide is discovered in lots of powdered meals, corresponding to ginseng espresso tablets, dietary supplements, and medical gadgets. In truth, silicon dioxide nanoparticles are additionally used anti-caking exercise in powdered meals corresponding to freeze-dried soup for kids, immediate espresso and cappuccino preparations, eggs and powdered milk, as they will take in moisture to keep away from the formation of undesirable lumps. They are additionally added to chewing gum utilizing their “stunning” motion, to take away meals residues from the enamel. On the product packaging, on the label, silicon dioxide is proven among the many substances with a reputation or abbreviation. E 551. It can be an ingredient in a number of quite common dietary supplements, corresponding to Enterolactis plus (lactic ferments) or Multicentrum (multivitamins in tablets).

In addition to this, it must be thought of that this substance is used within the manufacturing processes of different meals and in these instances, as a result of it’s not an ingredient however a technical adjuvant, it’s not proven within the checklist of substances. When used as a meals adjuvant, clarify the researchers of the examine in query, E 551 “remains to be within the ultimate product”. Humans are due to this fact uncovered every day and in low doses to E551 by means of meals. So the publicity to this entire factor might be greater than we will think about.

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Because it will probably injury the intestines

Nello the studioINRAE ​​researchers, in collaboration with McMaster University in Canada, examined the impact of silicon dioxide on the tolerance of meals proteins taken orally. Tolerance it’s an innate operate that forestalls the physique’s inflammatory response when the physique takes in meals proteins. Deficiency of this operate causes meals intolerance (to peanuts, cow’s milk, fish, shellfish, eggs, and many others.) or allergic reactions, even power, corresponding to celiac illness.

A examine was carried out by giving meals containing a dose of silicon dioxide (E 551) to pigs (rats) daily for 3 months at an quantity comparable to the every day publicity of European customers, as estimated by EFSA (from 0.8) to 74.2 mg/kg for people most and as much as 160 mg/kg in newborns). A examine, carried out on rats, confirmed that publicity to this complement causes a scale back the variety of intestinal cells which produces lively substances in opposition to irritation, which is the results of selling intestinal irritation in response to meals proteins. In genetically predisposed folks, this may increasingly favor the onset of celiac illness, a illness characterised by irritation of the intestines as a result of physique’s response in opposition to gluten. The authors of the examine clarify that «our examine gives proof that power publicity to silicon dioxide, a standard meals additive within the human eating regimen, can disturb intestinal homeostasis and set off a lack of immunity to meals antigens ».

The toxicity of silicon dioxide is attributable to a sure sort of chemical it’s primarily based on nanoparticlesand that is the attribute that E551 has in frequent with different suspected components, corresponding to titanium dioxide (E 171), a white shade broadly used for many years in chewing gum, sweets, dietary supplements and packaged meals, that are there. inform us and in The Independent. After repeated warnings from the scientific neighborhood about its toxicity, titanium dioxide was lastly banned in 2022 as a result of it’s genotoxic, i.e. it will probably injury DNA. But it nonetheless lives in toothpastes and medicines, so there isn’t a ban on its use made by the trade. Nanoparticle-based supplies are engineered supplies insoluble particles, absorbed by the intestines however excreted slowly and with nice problem from the physique. They accumulate in numerous organs, particularly the liver and spleen. It has the flexibility to supply results within the central nervous system, that’s, to behave neurotosis. In addition, they’ve various kinds of outcomes swelling, the immune system, and trigger adjustments within the colon and rectum that will, over time, turn into most cancers.

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Food security and monitoring system

The new examine concerning the risks of E551 is one other warning signal from a deep and unbiased analysis, which isn’t sponsored by multinational producers and producers. « The rising meals security hazard of silicon dioxide should be addressed and managed instantly by the European Commission”, explains the lawyer skilled in European meals regulation Dario Dongo. In my opinion, the sacred precept of safety and the European legislators ought to succeed on this case as effectively. they need to utterly take away and ban this substance from getting used within the meals sector, because the scientific information is controversial to say the least and factors to essential meals questions of safety. Among others, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) already in 2018 carried out a meals security analysis of this complement, as a result of a number of essential components had been identified on the time. Now can be the time to re-evaluate this additive and forestall its unfold, simply because the EFSA is doing with titanium dioxide in 2021. . the decision-making technique of the European Parliament in Strasbourg and Brussels, with the injury of the ideas of monitoring and safety for all times.


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