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Sonora Academy opens its doors

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Sonora Academy opens its doors

Sonora Academy to Open as Music Therapy and Research Center

Sonora Academy is set to be officially inaugurated on Saturday 17 February as a music school and musical training center. In partnership with Mmi – Modern Music Institute, the school aims to become a music therapy and research center.

Founded by maestro Fabio Palmitesta and Alessandro Paparella, president of Arti Itineranti, Sonora Academy will apply music therapy using music as a form of activation enzyme to enhance the emotional state and perception of patients. Music therapy will be used for physical, emotional, cognitive, and social rehabilitation, suitable for managing stress, anxiety, depression, eating or attention disorders, and motor or verbal rehabilitation.

The inauguration will take place on Saturday 17 February starting from 3pm in via Piacentino 7 in the Arcella area. Deputy mayor of Padua, Andrea Micalizzi, will be present to officially start the school’s activities. An exhibition of photographs by musical photographer Marco Sarain will also be featured at the inauguration.

Sonora Academy works exclusively with graduate professionals for music therapy and collaborates with the G. Ferrari specialist school of music therapy in Padua for research. The school also makes its professionals and spaces available for the internship of trainees graduating in music therapy.

In addition to music therapy, Sonora Academy is also a traditional music school, offering 10 active courses and collaborations with music schools for the creation of musicals. The school also has a rehearsal room in its branch office in Casalserugo (Padua) and offers a professional path with diplomas recognized throughout Italy through its affiliation with MMI.

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Sonora Academy is not just a school, it is also Sonora Live Events, promoting live music with its teachers and creating a direct connection for the school’s students to perform once they have completed the educational path.

The inauguration and opening of Sonora Academy mark an important step in the integration of music, therapy, and education, providing a unique and comprehensive approach to music and its impact on individuals.

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