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Stay Healthy on Your Summer Holiday: Preventing and Treating Skin Infections

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Stay Healthy on Your Summer Holiday: Preventing and Treating Skin Infections

Title: Ferrara Healthcare Companies Offer Tips to Maintain Skin Health during Summer Holidays

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Ferrara, Italy – As the “hot season” approaches, the citizens of Ferrara and beyond gear up for their summer vacations. Excitement for a period of relaxation is coupled with a sense of responsibility towards maintaining good health, both for themselves and their travel companions. In light of this, Ferrara healthcare companies have embarked on an informative campaign to promote good health practices during summer holidays.

The campaign aims to address the main health issues that individuals may encounter while on vacation, be it within Italy or abroad. Dermatology expert Professor Monica Corazza, who heads the Dermatology Operative Unit of the University Hospital of Ferrara, kickstarts the campaign by shedding light on skin infections.

When asked about the most common skin infections and contact reactions that travelers may contract during their holidays, Prof. Corazza explains, “Summer activities often involve outdoor exposure, contact with nature, and more active lifestyles, which increase the risks of various dermatological diseases.”

One of the primary risks is traumatic wounds that can become infected, causing skin pathologies in both adults and children. Insect bites from ticks and mosquitoes, as well as contact with certain plants, can also lead to severe bullous phytodermatitis. Sun exposure poses additional risks, including actinic burns and phototoxic or photoallergic dermatitis. Prof. Corazza advises caution when using topical treatments such as painkillers and antihistamines, as these can cause serious skin conditions when exposed to the sun.

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To prevent infections, Prof. Corazza emphasizes the need to avoid trauma and ensure proper disinfection of wounds. In case of a skin infection, it is crucial to disinfect the wound and cover it with sterile bandages to prevent further contamination. Avoiding sun exposure is also advised to minimize the risk of adverse reactions from topical products and to prevent pigmentary changes in the skin. If an infection spreads or fever develops, it is essential to seek medical evaluation as some infections can be serious.

Skin infections common during summer include impetigo, characterized by weeping red areas covered with yellowish crusts, and erysipelas, which manifests as bright red patches accompanied by fever. These diseases are contagious and require systemic antibiotic treatment.

Regarding enhancing the skin’s immune defenses, Prof. Corazza explains that while proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are beneficial, scientific data on supplements claiming to boost immune function is limited.

In the province of Ferrara, dermatological consultations during the summer season increase significantly. Actinic burns, impetigo, erysipelas, phototoxic and photoallergic contact dermatitis, as well as insect bites, are among the common reasons for these visits.

When packing for vacation, it is recommended to include antibiotic and corticosteroid-based creams for potential skin infections, burns, or contact dermatitis. Disinfectants should also be readily available. Additionally, travelers venturing to remote areas are advised to carry broad-spectrum antibiotic tablets, systemic steroids, and antihistamines.

With this informative campaign on maintaining skin health during summer holidays, Ferrara healthcare companies hope to empower individuals to enjoy their vacations while prioritizing their well-being. By raising awareness and providing practical advice, they aspire to make summer vacations a memorable and healthy experience for everyone.

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