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Stop drinking coffee: this is what happens to our body

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Stop drinking coffee: this is what happens to our body

Regular consumers of coffee they know well that they are now addicted to it, but not all hope is lost because, even if it is difficult, it is possible to regulate daily intakes. For many, coffee is indispensable, especially in breakfast or after lunch, because it manages to give us the right energy and the right energy to face the day. But have you ever thought about what happens to the body when you stop drinking coffee for almost a month? Here are the negative aspects caused by the lack of coffee in our body.

Side or unwanted effects

The caffeine it has a number of non-negligible effects in our body. Stopping coffee at any moment leads to various ailments, among the most common are: tiredness, nervousness which in some cases can also turn into aggression, hunger pangs and more often than not chronic headaches. Let’s examine them better one by one.

It is the most common of the side effects and the most immediate, you can get some relief only after a week. We will also notice a lot of difficulty concentrating, this is because the coffee helped the development of dopamine and adrenaline, the very hormones that help us focus. An effective way to significantly reduce headaches and prevent them from continuing for many days is to gradually stop drinking coffee.

Nervousness and aggression
Timely stopping the daily intake of caffeine, you will certainly notice that you become more touchy and short-tempered, in the rarest cases you could even fall into a state of depression. This too is an effect that passes suddenly, in fact even the mood will pass within a week.

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Hunger attacks
From the beginning we will notice the tendency to eat more. This is because the coffee has the ability to temporarily inhibit hunger receptors. These attacks can be counteracted by drinking iced tea infusions, or by nibbling on something.

While these are not that serious side effects, they can become extremely annoying and unnerving in the long run. Fortunately they are all temporary and above all they can be mitigated by taking simple precautions, such as not ending the intake of caffeine out of the blue, but take the right time to let our body get used to it calmly.

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