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Swimmer’s ear infection: how to recognize it, symptoms and above all how to intervene

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Swimmer’s ear infection: how to recognize it, symptoms and above all how to intervene

Swimmer’s ear infection is an annoying and painful condition that can also be quite common, especially at certain times of the year.

With the term ‘swimmer’s otitis’, we mean inflammation involving the most exposed part of the ear canal. The problem can be due to an infection, bacteria of various types, or a type of fungal exposure.

In addition to the factors of exposures linked to real pathologies such as diabetes, there are much more common causes that lead to this condition, both in adults and in children. From cold to damp: there are various problems that they can occur both in winter, for example when you go to the spa or swimming pool, and in summer at the seaespecially in windy areas.

External otitis: how to intervene and how to prevent it from occurring

The clearest symptom of otitis externa is pain: intense and strong. Then, not necessarily, edema, otalgia, redness and irritation can occur. The therapy must therefore be specific based on what caused the problem, for this it is necessary to be checked by an otolaryngologist, who will be able to establish what has determined the appearance of otitis and how to proceed. Being an acute inflammation it is important to understand that it should not be underestimated because the risk in some cases is that it becomes chronic, therefore much more difficult to defeat afterward.

What are the symptoms of swimmer’s otitis and how to prevent it (tantasalute.it)

It is called the swimmer because typically those who frequent swimming pools or in any case are in direct contact with water tend to develop it often. In fact, the water does not come out completely and is deposited in the ear canalthe area is thus exposed to bacterial attacks because the stagnation of water, even if minimal, facilitates its diffusion.

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It is not a serious or dangerous disease, if treated correctly it disappears quickly and offers full recovery. To prevent this from happening, especially in children, it is useful to avoid total immersion of the head involving the ears. All subjects who have some kind of ear problem such as dryness of the canal, continuous inflammation or other similar problems, they shouldn’t let water get into their ears at all or in any case proceed manually to remove it.

Since this step is not really easy and you actually risk staying with water in your ear all the time, the best thing to do is to put special caps that are available for a few euros on the market. These protect against sea water, pool water and also sun and wind. In this way, simple to implement, the ear is always protected and there is no risk of damage that can degenerate in some way.

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