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Switch detachable handle infringes patent, Nintendo is sued! -INSIDE

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The upcoming summer vacation is an opportunity for elementary and middle school students to experience various activities, but seeing the spread of the epidemic, have parents still not helped their children choose summer camp activities? Now there is an international online programming competition for elementary and middle school students. It has attracted many elementary and middle school students from north to south and even Huadong to sign up. Don’t miss it!

“2021 International Youth Programming Competition” is an online programming competition organized for children aged 8-16. The first competition was launched by AI4kids, a startup company of science and technology education, Nanyi Publishing Group, and the Chinese Association of Multiple Intelligences Education. CodeCombat, a game-based programming education platform with 20 million users worldwide, serves as a learning and competition website for contestants. They can participate without registration fees, allowing elementary and middle school students to start from “zero foundation” and gradually learn the Python programming language through problem-solving practice. Compete through a well-designed hero program battle system.

In the past, this competition mechanism will be handled in Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States and other regions every year, attracting a large number of students to participate. This year, the organizer will introduce Taiwan to Taiwan for the first time. Since July, it will be divided into three stages: preliminary, semi-finals and finals, and the finals. The winners will represent Taiwan in the US CodeQuest global competition!

▲The 2021 International Youth Programming Competition will be held in Taoyuan Xiang’an National School in April to make the primary six students enthusiastic and shout for fun!

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Participate while learning to get in line with 108 syllabus programming ability

At present, most of the primary and secondary schools use the Scratch building block programming language to cultivate children’s computational thinking. The organizer hopes that through this competition, primary and secondary school students will be further exposed to the real Python programming grammar, so as to integrate with the programming in the 108 syllabus country and high school technology fields. ability. And will it be difficult for children in elementary and middle schools? Not at all, because the competition platform CodeCombat is designed with a gamified interface, hero and gem story scenes to attract elementary and middle school students to learn the basic grammar of the program step by step, from data types, variables, parameters, and strings. Program logic concepts such as loops, conditional expressions, and letter indications can be refined through a large number of levels practice. In Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries, the CodeCombat platform has also been used to hold many youth program competitions.

The game-based learning programming interface of the competition platform CodeCombat makes elementary and middle school students eager to try
The preliminary arena players need to write programs to let their heroes defeat their opponents
In the preliminary competition field, players must give full play to their computational thinking and write programs to manipulate heroes to challenge their opponents to win.
Qualified players in each stage from the preliminary, semi-finals to the final can obtain an international certificate in computer science

How to prepare children for competition

Following the uniform education platform, the organizer has also prepared programming instructional videos for the contestants. As long as there is an Internet computer at home, children can participate in the competition. The children will be guided by professional lecturers and practiced with a large number of programming levels. Achieved good results in the schedule. The organizer also actively organizes online player camps. During the summer vacation, elementary and middle school students can improve their competition strength through the guidance of online live lecturers.

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In the process of participating in the competition, there are teaching videos to allow the young players to prepare the programming skills required for the competition from scratch
Prepare computers and internet for children, so they can learn programs at home to participate in competitions
The finalists will be recommended by the organizer to participate in the CodeQuest global youth programming competition

How to sign up

The 2021 International Youth Program Competition will start from 7/10 from now on. All elementary and middle school students will be open to register. There are two groups of national group and middle school group. The competition adopts multiplayer program battle mode, and you can upload your own code repeatedly. The system automatically calculates the score and updates the ranking until the end of the competition date. From now on~7/11, semifinals 7/13~7/18, finals 7/23~7/25, contestants who pass each stage of the challenge will get certificates and ranking awards, and the final winners will be recommended by the organizer to participate in CodeQuest Global competition, competing with young people from all over the world, a rare competition event, parents should not miss the opportunity to register for their children!

Contest registration website:

Competition registration QRcode

(For school or educational institution group registration, please contact the China Multiple Intelligence Education Association 02-26624610)


Competition platform

Contact the organizer


This article is provided by “Aiqi Wisdom Technology“, and has been edited and reviewed by Critical Review Media Group.


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