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Templa: Beauty Subscriptions Redefining Self-Care

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Templa: Beauty Subscriptions Redefining Self-Care

Templa: The World of Beauty Meets Subscription Services

Digital newspapers and magazines, the gym you are a member of, Spotify, Amazon Prime, beauty boxes or the platforms streaming – these are just some examples of companies that have opted for subscriptions as a business model. Its operation is known to everyone: you pay a fixed fee each month to be able to enjoy certain content, services, and/or products all year round.

Now, this concept has reached the world of beauty with Templa, an innovative 400 m2 space and pioneer in Spain in offering aesthetic medicine procedures and relaxing experiences. wellness by subscription.

Located on Génova Street in Madrid, Templa was born with two very clear objectives: on the one hand, to make access to quality medical-aesthetic treatments affordable and, on the other, to facilitate its continuity. In short, democratize beauty. As founder and CEO Cristina López Mejía tells us, “self-care and well-being are part of people’s lives and we must stop considering them as a luxury. We believe that medical-aesthetic treatments should be more normalized and accessible to everyone.”

With this idea in mind, Cristina has brought together a prestigious team of professionals and experts in different areas and the most cutting-edge techniques and technologies on the market, such as high-intensity radiofrequency, electrostimulation, shock waves, fractional laser, facial mesotherapy with vitamins, hormone therapy, or collagen inducers. Hence, its menu of services is very complete and includes facial, body, and hair treatments, personalized nutrition programs, massages, hair removal, cosmetics, and nutricosmetics.

Templa offers five subscription plans so you can find the one that best suits your needs and budget, from the Essential (€92/month) to the Golden Pass (€362/month). All include, at least, one treatment of your choice and interesting discounts on other services on the menu. Also, if your schedule is always full and you find it difficult to find some free time for yourself, don’t worry because the center has an Express Bar where half-hour treatments are performed with optimal results.

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Templa is revolutionizing the beauty industry in Spain with its subscription-based approach, making high-quality aesthetic treatments more accessible and affordable for all. Visit Templa today and experience the future of beauty and wellness.

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