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ten cases, suspected on gymnastics courses- breaking latest news

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An outbreak of Covid cases emerged in a gym in Milan, in the Citt studi-Lambrate district, in via Amadeo. This is the Virgin, recently reopened according to the national restart program. A dozen cases emerged from the end of May to now, as reported by The day. Thanks to the contact tracing activity of the Ats Milano it was understood that they are all related to some gymnastics courses organized by the structure. Among the infected there are no elderly, none currently hospitalized. The swabs continue: about 150 people contacted and sent to the Linate hub to undergo the test.

Ats is verifying whether the Virgin center and its members have followed all the rules required for safe reopening. Analyzes are also underway to understand whether the infected are vaccinated and whether a more contagious variant of the virus is at the origin of the cluster. No stop for the activities of the gym: after the sanitation, they continue.

In gyms you must always wear a mask until the moment of starting the activity and the distance cannot be less than 2 meters. it is mandatory to measure the temperature at the entrance and differentiate the entry and exit routes. Members should use their own mats, if possible, or sanitize materials at each training session. According to the government rules, you must arrive at the gym already dressed appropriately for the activities or in such a way as to use common areas to change and equipped with sealing bags for the collection of potentially infected waste. If the sport activity is carried out outdoors, the distance can be one meter.

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June 12, 2021 | 10:10

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