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Texas, first election rally for Donald Trump: “Re-elect me and you will be avenged”

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Photogallery – Texas, first election rally for Donald Trump

In Texas first rally of election campaign for Donald Trump. Stepping off his personal jet at Waco airport, the tyccon was greeted by the “Usa, Usa” chorus and the ovation of thousands of fans. Many of his supporters waved signs that read “Witch Hunt” (an expression he used for investigations that are pressing him) and wore t-shirts with the slogan “God, guns and Trump”.

Trump: “Re-elect me and you will be avenged” “Put me back in the White House and America will be a free country again” and you will be avenged”, Trump said later. “The Biden regime has used the forces of order and justice as a weapon”, transforming the country into a a “banana republic”.”I will be your warrior, your justice, your vengeance”, he promised shortly after, addressing in particular those who have been “offended or treated unjustly”.

Trump: prosecutor Ny haunts me but there is nothing The tycoon then spoke of his judicial troubles. “The New York prosecutor is prosecuting me for nothing, it’s not a felony, it’s not a misdemeanor, it’s not an affair,” he said attacking Attorney Alvin Bragg on the eve of the grand jury meeting that could decide on his indictment for the case of pornstar Stormy Daniel. “I’ve never liked horse face,” he added, dusting off an epithet he had already used against her.

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