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that’s why you should always eat them together

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that’s why you should always eat them together

The garlic and the honey they are two products with great beneficial properties for our body and for our health, the first in fact has a great natural antibacterial and antibiotic capacity but is not very pleasant to eat alone. Honey is a very energetic food, in fact it has a high calorific value managing to reach 300 kilocalories per 100 grams, and is composed of water for about 18% and sugars mainly fructose for 41%.

Honey has an antiseptic power, anti-inflammatory and decongestant therefore it is useful to our body as it helps the respiratory tract, the immune system and the muscles in general. Combining the power of garlic and honey greatly helps our body giving thanks to honey also a touch of general flavor.

There are many recipes to combine these two ingredients, one of them is to put in an airtight jarto a cup of honey with about 10 cloves of garlic finely chopped then just let it rest for about a week at room temperature away from sunlight. Once this is done, after a week you can start taking the product.

One spoon a day diluted with lukewarm water they will preferably help our immune system by strengthening it, accelerate the healing process from colds and flu, help lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation, it will reduce inflammation in fact it is very useful against diseases such as arthritis and is an excellent remedy for coughs. These two foods are excellent for their great properties, but you must always be careful of the dosage and not abuse them.

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Taking high amounts of garlic can cause gastritis, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea due to the production of too much hydrochloric acid. It is also a food not to eat if you are pregnant and breastfeeding or for those suffering from ulcers and gastritis. He honeyand instead, as good as garlic may be, it must be taken not in excessive quantities.
Being a food rich in sugars, it is not recommended to let it be taken by those suffering from diabetes and those who must keep their weight under control.

Plus honey it must be a food necessarily eaten raw because the heat modifies the beneficial characteristics it brings making them useless.
Honey it should not even be given to children under the age of two because it could cause botulism, it is also absolutely forbidden for infants up to six months due to a bacterium.

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