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The amoeba eats brains from tap water which is also a concern in Italy. Bassetti: “No nasal washing”

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The amoeba eats brains from tap water which is also a concern in Italy.  Bassetti: “No nasal washing”

And’amoeba potentially dangerous has been linked to 10 cases of infection”eats brain” in the United States, linked to washes nasal carried out with water Of faucet not sterile. As reported by American specialized centers, the affected individuals were predominantly elderly patients and those with immune problems, and the highlighted cases occurred over a 30-year period. THE symptoms caused by amoeba are varied, ranging from skin diseases to serious brain conditions, which is why experts around the world are recommending some good practices to avoid possible risks.

How to catch the brain-eating amoeba: what the experts say

L’amoeba in question is called Acanthamoeba and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is currently investigating 10 cases of infection by this organism in the brain.

The hypothesis is that in the cases analysed, involving 7 men and 3 women, the attack occurred due to the bad practice of carrying out washes nasal con tap waterrepeatedly for months or even years.

Matteo Bassetti’s recommendation

“Ameba is a serious infection that can affect the brain” he specified on X Matteo Bassettidirector of Infectious Diseases at the San Martino Polyclinic in Genoa.

“According to a CDC report there would be a link with the use of non-sterile water for nasal washes. We must avoid using tap water for nasal washes” recommended the infectious disease specialist.

Those who risk amoeba infection eat brains

The infections in particular, the study would have concerned almost all people elderly or with system immune deficit.

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Therefore, it is these types of patients in particular who receive recommendations from experts to avoid any possible risk.

Although the link is not yet officially confirmed, the CDC has come out against the use of unboiled water for nasal washes, especially for people immunodepressein order to prevent such invasive infections.

Symptoms of brain-eating amoeba

Attacks by amoebae seem to have had a surge in the last decade, with some even very recent cases raising the level of attention in this regard.

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I symptoms generated byameba Acanthamoeba may include headaches, fever, neck stiffness, nausea and vomiting. Infections can later progress to more serious conditions, such as encephalitis.

The diagnosis requires specific tests, while the treatment involves drugs anti-inflammatories e antimicrobialsbut brain infections are often fatal.

The precautions to be taken are simple: the use of sterilized water or boiled for i washes nasalas well as avoiding contact with untreated water, especially for the immunocompromised.

Photo source: ANSA/iStock

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