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The classic football game series ends Konami announces that PES will be renamed eFootball

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Winning Eleven, which is familiar to Hong Kong players, has transformed into Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). This football game series is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and grows with many people. However, in the fall of this year, PES will complete historical missions, and the game maker Konami announced that the series will be renamed eFootball, and the way the game will be played will also change drastically.

The renamed eFootball will provide console, PC and mobile versions, all of which are free to play. Konami will also rewrite the game with the Unreal engine and add new Motion Matching technology to make the player’s movements more realistic. It is hoped that it will have a bigger difference with the FIFA series of another football game in the market. The game is now available for free, which also means that users need to draw players from the class, and players need to adapt to this change.

Konami said that it will retain the part of the non-online game, but only a few teams such as Barcelona, ​​Zuwyndas, Bayern and Manchester United will choose to provide it for free when the game is launched. Konami said that some game modes will be available for players to purchase later in DLC, so that they can construct the game experience as needed. eFootball will be launched this fall. The game will support cross-generation console battles, including new features and modes such as cross-platform battles.

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