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The classic strategy game remake “Royal Knights: Rebirth” is on sale, this time with Chinese version | 4Gamers

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The classic strategy game remake “Royal Knights: Rebirth” is on sale, this time with Chinese version | 4Gamers

SQUARE ENIX announced today (4th) that the remake “Tactics Ogre: Reborn” based on the “Royal Knights” (Tactics Ogre) released in 2010 has officially confirmed the release date. And pre-orders are open. This work supports Chinese.

The story of “The Royal Order” begins from the perspective of the protagonist, the young Denim, whose fate and the history of Varelia will change dramatically with difficult choices. Using a multi-line story & multiple ending system, there will be different developments and endings according to the player’s choice, which was praised by many players at that time.


There are several changes in this remake. The characters and backgrounds of the original are high-resolution, and one of the features of this game, “finely drawn pixel art” is retained to enhance the expressiveness of the picture in the form of enhanced texture. The game interface has also been completely renovated, not only upgraded to high-resolution, but also easier to grasp information, and simplified the operation process.


In terms of music and voice, composer Jin Sakimoto re-recorded all the BGM in live performance. Also included are new songs written exclusively for this work. This remake version of the cutscenes supports full voice, including “Japanese” and “English” two voices, and re-made sound effects.

In terms of game mechanics, this work draws on the advantages of the original “Royal Knights” and “Royal Knights Wheel of Fortune”, incorporates new elements, and redesigns the combat mechanism.


The “Royal Knights Wheel of Fortune” adopts a system of managing levels by arms, but in this work, it is changed to manage levels by units. Players can think about how each unit should combine the growth, equipment, skills and magic based on troops, and based on it, think about which unit arrangement to use to challenge the battle, so as to simply enjoy the “fun of thinking”.

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In addition, the enemy’s tactics will change with the shape of the battle map and the battle situation, and players will be able to enjoy the fun of thinking about how to fight according to the situation, keeping the battle fresh at all times. In addition, various improvements have been added in pursuit of the game’s ease of play, such as improved combat rhythm and the addition of an auto-save feature.

Knights Royale 2: Rebirth will be available on Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Steam on November 11 (12 on Steam).


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