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The Clic project “rewards” eight companies in the creative and cultural fields

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There is the hub for contemporary artistic research designed by Frattaglia and Spazioforma, the cultural events agency that focuses on the issues of quality of working life and professional collaborations; there is the crowdfunding platform Vg-Rise for the development of innovative ideas of videogamers and Start-Hop, an online academy on marketing and social media for startuppers and entrepreneurs at their first steps; there are the workshops of Relabo which uses contemporary artists and professionals to transfer their skills to local communities and the ambitions of Bikemeet which aims to create bicycle routes that connect the territorial points of interest and create an investment fund for companies in the cycle tourism for sustainable mobility projects; there is the Postobello web platform that combines quality supply and demand in the tourism sector and Inesto, which aims to develop the regeneration of the territory through the recovery of roadside houses and abandoned villages and villages in the light of the prospects of increasing remote work .

There are eight business ideas, four of which have become creative and cultural enterprises, which emerged in the context of Clic, a project aimed at young adults for the realization of a creative idea in the fields of design, multimedia, ICT, fashion and communication.


These are projects of social inclusion, digitization, protection of the territory and proximity, construction of value. All elements that characterize the cultural and creative companies that are entering the market.

Financed by the Lombardy Region call for proposals linked to the European Social Fund, the project involved the Milan Polytechnic Foundation, Milan Polytechnic – Department of Design with Cilab, Afol Metropolitana and PoliHub among the partners.

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The weight of culture and creativity in the national economy is growing in a country like Italy, despite the fact that the pandemic has mainly affected sectors linked to tourism and sport. In 2019 the system represented 5.7% of the Italian added value: over 90 billion euros, 1% more than the previous year. More than 24.1 billion euros and 353 thousand employees place Lombardy at the top of the Italian cultural scene.

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