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The Diet of Queen Elizabeth II: How She Lived to Such an Advanced Age

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The Diet of Queen Elizabeth II: How She Lived to Such an Advanced Age

Queen Elizabeth II’s Healthy Eating Habits Revealed

Queen Elizabeth II, who died on September 8, 2022, was the longest-lived monarch, leaving many to wonder how she managed to live such an advanced age. According to testimonies from her employees, in addition to her genetics, her healthy diet played a significant role in her long life.

The queen’s chef, Darren McGrady, revealed her majesty’s routine when it came to food. Despite indulging in occasional treats like a glass of gin and Dubonnet or a slice of chocolate cake, Queen Elizabeth II had a balanced and healthy diet prepared by her chef on a weekly basis.

He elaborated that a red leather menu book was sent to her every week containing a wide variety of recipes written in French from which she could choose. The menus were prepared three days in advance, taking into account any guests at Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle. The queen also reportedly avoided starchy foods like pasta and potatoes—she would choose menus by either drawing a line under the ones she didn’t want or making changes, as McGrady mentioned, “like she was having dinner with Prince Andrew.” McGrady also mentioned her favorite dessert was Crème Brulee with Sandringham oranges.

For breakfast, the queen started her day with Earl Gray tea and cookies, followed by a lunch dominated by cereals, yogurt, toast, jam, and Dover sole on wilted spinach, according to House and Garden. Her favorite dish for breakfast was smoked kippers and she also enjoyed smoked haddock.

For dinner, the Queen typically enjoyed a combination of meat or fish and vegetables. According to McGrady, Queen Elizabeth II loved game, specifically Gaelic steak with whiskey sauce and mushrooms, and enjoyed using ingredients from the farm, such as Balmoral salmon from the River Dee.

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The queen’s balanced and healthy diet undoubtedly contributed to her long and prosperous life, and many are now left to wonder if they should incorporate some of her dietary habits into their own lives.

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