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The future of the digital healthcare market in Italy

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The future of the digital healthcare market in Italy

An interesting white paper by Anitec-Assinform outlines the scenarios for the coming years. Let’s see what they are.

The digital health market, thanks also to the investments of the PNRR, will reach, according to NetConsulting estimates, 2.21 billion euros in 2024, 2.392 in 2025 and 2.692 in 2026. Software represents the largest share and the one with the greatest Rate of growth.

Fonte: NetConsulting cube

The digital transformation sees telemedicine as the top priority, followed by infrastructure projects, the Electronic Medical Record and the modernization of the Hospital Information System. At a global level, application integration and unified data management was indicated by 39% of the sample.

Fonte: NetConsulting cube

However, if we look at the modernization of the Hospital Information System, application integration is in first place while AI is not yet among the priorities of the CIOs.

Fonte: NetConsulting cube

The report subsequently focuses on regional integration and data strategy, AI and telemedicine. Then there is an in-depth look at digital twins and CDSS.

The report, which I recommend you read, can be downloaded for free at this addressafter registration.

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