Home Health the girl suffering from a very rare disease died. «Bedridden by her 19 years»

the girl suffering from a very rare disease died. «Bedridden by her 19 years»

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the girl suffering from a very rare disease died.  «Bedridden by her 19 years»

A story of enormous suffering, and of great courage. An example, that of Silvia Casanova, a 27-year-old woman from Tarquinia, who fought until her last breath against a rare disease, which has a name that is not scary, Cipo, but kills.

Unfortunately, Silvia’s story did not have a happy ending, who died in the night between Saturday and Sunday in the Viterbo hospital, due to complications connected to Cipo, the chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction, which for years had forced her to bed, fed by a tube.

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The love of a community

Beautiful and strong, Silvia, who on Facebook was called a “great warrior” by the many friends who showed her affection and closeness, to her as well as to her husband Andrea Tufarini, married in the hospital, by her side throughout the years of her illness, who now he continues to fight to spread knowledge about a deadly, little-known disease.

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Sick from a very young age

Silvia, in the town of Tarquinia, in upper Lazio, was well known and her social media was herself to tell how terrible that disease was that struck her when she was a blooming girl, just 19 years old. Cipo, which has been diagnosed in 150 people in Italy, is a serious degenerative disease that affects the digestive system, damaging the muscles and nerves of the alimentary canal. The girl, to feed her courage, had also written a letter to Pope Francis to which she had asked for closeness, and to which Bergoglio had replied.

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Her husband always with her

«She fought to the end, but her body couldn’t stand it – the words of her husband Andrea Tufarini who was close to her night and day for many years – Silvia was a special woman and had the gift of remaining nice to anyone who knew her». Silvia’s husband, after many battles, had managed to obtain only 6 hours a day of daily assistance, however insufficient for an illness that requires 24-hour support. «Since 2017 I have assisted her continuously. I gave everything and she gave everything to me. We got married on September 16, 2019, but we have been together for 13 years», writes Tufarini who is finalizing a book to recount the sufferings of this terrible disease.

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