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the greater the experience, the fewer complications and deaths – breaking latest news

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the greater the experience, the fewer complications and deaths – breaking latest news

New Study Shows Importance of Surgeon Experience in Colorectal Cancer Treatment

A new study conducted by researchers at the IRCCS Policlinico di Sant’Orsola in Bologna has shed light on the importance of surgeon experience in the successful treatment of colorectal cancer. The study, which examined almost 17 thousand cases of patients with colorectal cancer treated by 80 Italian hospitals between 2018 and 2021, found that the experience of surgeons and the volume of operations conducted each year played a crucial role in the outcomes of surgery.

Matteo Rottoli, the first author of the research and a specialist in Alimentary Tract Surgery at the Company Bolognese University Hospital, explained, “We wanted to investigate the possible correlation between the successful outcome of the surgery and the occurrence of complications with the type of center in which the same pathology is treated. The results indicate that for the treatment of colorectal cancer, it is preferable to treat patients in centers that carry out a high volume of operations every year and with teams with specific skills and professionalism.”

The study found that the mortality rate after surgery was much lower in centers with a high volume of operations compared to those that operated infrequently. In addition, the risk of post-surgery complications was higher in low-volume centers. The research also looked at indicators such as the use of neo-adjuvant chemo and radiotherapy to ensure that the operation is less invasive and more effective.

According to Gilberto Poggioli, director of Alimentary Tract Surgery and Emergencies at the Sant’Orsola Polyclinic, the study’s findings highlight the importance of relying on expert hands for the treatment of colorectal cancer. He commented, “The advice is to always rely on expert hands to have more chances of recovery, to live longer and better because the numbers undoubtedly indicate better outcomes where a multidisciplinary approach is guaranteed.”

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Colorectal cancer is the second most frequent type of tumor in Italy, with over 48 thousand new cases registered every year. Despite there being an effective way to diagnose it at the beginning and save lives through screening, it remains the second deadliest cancer in the country.

The study’s findings emphasize the need for specialized centers with experienced professionals and cutting-edge equipment to improve outcomes for colorectal cancer patients. Rottoli concluded, “We are talking about highly innovative and technological centers, where specialized professionals work with the support of cutting-edge equipment, such as robotic platforms. But above all, places devoted to scientific research as an ally of clinics, surgery, and assistance.”

The study’s results underscore the importance of asking questions and seeking out experienced surgeons for the treatment of complex diseases like colorectal cancer. Overcoming the embarrassment and inquiring about a doctor’s experience can make a big difference in the success of the operation and the overall outcome for the patient.

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