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The Health Benefits of Exploring Nature: The Spanish Alternative

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The Health Benefits of Exploring Nature: The Spanish Alternative

Title: The Perfect Summer Practice: Wellness and Health through Green Routes

Subtitle 1: Las Vías Verdes, the Spanish alternative to take care of your health in nature
Subtitle 2: Benefits of walking in the middle of nature on vacation

For those planning a vacation, those already back, and those yet to leave, we bring the perfect practice to combine wellness and health during the summer months. The concept involves becoming fond of traveling through green routes, immersing ourselves in nature either by bike, walking, or on horseback. Regularly approaching biodiversity has numerous benefits for our health, as various countries have already realized. From the Japanese practice of Shinrin Yoku or forest bathing to the Scottish initiative of Green Health Routes, these practices are being incorporated into the treatment of physical and mental illnesses. Notably, the NHS Forest has successfully convinced health professionals in Scotland to prescribe these green routes as part of primary care practices.

In Spain, there is an impressive network of more than 7,600 kilometers of railway lines that are no longer in service or have never been used. Since 1993, these railways have been repurposed for initiatives related to ecotourism and sustainable mobility in nature. The Foundation of the Spanish Railways is responsible for disseminating the over 140 available itineraries across the country, suitable for different modes of transport, including walking, biking, and even rollerskating. These routes are also designed to be accessible for people with disabilities. Anaya Toring, specializing in these tours, offers various guides that can be found on their website. Exploring these routes and benefiting from contact with nature, such as practicing awe walks or amazement walks, has become a popular trend for well-being experiences.

Studies have proven that nature heals and regular contact with natural spaces while engaging in physical activity provides numerous health benefits. These benefits extend to both our body and mind. Regular contact with nature can help balance our mood, reduce stress, enhance creativity, strengthen the immune system, benefit the heart and circulatory system, aid digestion, and improve sleep quality.

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The importance of prioritizing wellness and health has never been clearer, and incorporating green routes into our vacation plans provides an opportunity to immerse ourselves in nature while reaping these significant benefits. So, why not explore the green routes near your vacation destination and experience the wonders of nature firsthand?

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