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The “Italy-China Week of Science, Technology and Innovation” kicks off

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All ready for the “Italy-China Week of Science, Technology and Innovation” which opens on 1 December with the minister of university and research Maria Cristina Messa.

Minister Mass: “The university is closer to work”

The event will take place online from 1 to 3 December and is promoted by the two governments through the Italian Ministry of University and Research and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and coordinated by “Città della Scienza” of Naples in collaboration with the CNR. Chinese Minister of “Science and Technology” Wang Zhigang will also be present at the inequality.

The topics covered also include that of the energy transition. Greenhouse gases and pollution generated by the current energy system, largely based on fossils, are causing enormous impacts in terms of climate change, undermining human health and biological systems in general. Furthermore, fossil fuels are an increasingly scarce limited resource and their depletion represents a serious problem, so that a transition to renewable sources is increasingly urgent. But to be successful, the energy transition must also go through the development of new solutions, from the methods of generating electricity to the intensification of the energy efficiency of buildings and infrastructures. To achieve this goal, international collaborations in scientific research are fundamental for the development of innovative technologies, with the implementation of cutting-edge projects and training programs.


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