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The Mediterranean diet improves erectile dysfunction

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Another good news for those who follow the Mediterranean diet, not surprisingly recognized in 2010 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the latest study that concerns it shows promising results to counteract and improve erectile dysfunction, a problem that often manifests itself in adult men suffering from hypertension.

Erectile dysfunction and blood flow. Many studies have already shown that following a healthy and balanced diet – little red meat and dairy products, but fish, cereals (better whole), lots of fruit and vegetables and olive oil – plays a role in maintaining various parameters of vascular health. and, therefore, quality of life. Now, new research conducted by the University of Athens and presented at the ESC 2021 Congress of the European Society of Cardiology, shows that in middle-aged men with hypertension, it reduces blood flow problems that are directly linked to erectile dysfunction. Also, it raises testosterone levels.

The researchers looked at 250 men with an average age of 56 who suffered from hypertension and erectile dysfunction to examine whether their eating habits were related to fitness, testosterone levels, blood flow, arterial stiffness.

Mediterranean diet and sport. The consumption of the Mediterranean diet was assessed by the responses to a questionnaire according to which the participants received a score from 0 to 55: the higher the values ​​were, the more they indicated greater adherence to the diet. Physical exercise capacity, on the other hand, was assessed with a treadmill test, while testosterone was measured in blood samples taken before 09:00. In addition, vascular health was measured: higher values ​​indicated stiffer arteries, associated with an increased risk of cardiac events.

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Finally, the severity of erectile dysfunction was assessed by the researchers using a questionnaire – Sexual Health Inventory for Men (SHIM), from which they found that men with higher scores on the Mediterranean diet also had a higher coronary flow reserve and testosterone. high and, therefore, better erectile performance.

“In our study, the consumption of a Mediterranean diet was linked to better exercise capacity, healthier arteries and blood flow, higher testosterone levels and erectile performance,” concludes Athanasios Angelis of the University of Athens, author of the study. . And it seems credible that following the Mediterranean diet can improve the problem of erectile dysfunction, improving the function of blood vessels and limiting the drop in testosterone that occurs in middle-aged men ».

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