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The Microlino goes on sale, it is the Isetta of the future

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The Microlino goes on sale, it is the Isetta of the future

Here we are, after many announcements the Microlino electric microcar goes on sale, technically a light quadricycle, but in practice an absolute myth because it incorporates the design, the shapes and the spectacular front door of our Isetta. The Microlino Pioneer Series went into production in a dedicated facility in Turin and will begin reaching customers in Switzerland at the end of the summer. This first series of 999 numbered cars is available in two exclusive colors, Atlantis Blue with white rims or Torino Matte Aluminum with black rims.

The most expensive version of the range, for now costs 20,000 euros, has infinity light bars in front and behind, a sunroof, heated front and rear windows and an extra storage compartment inside the leather interior.

The cheapest model instead costs 16 thousand euros, but all versions have an electric motor with a continuous power of 17 horsepower and a peak of 25 horsepower. The maximum speed is 70 per hour. The smaller 10.5 kWh battery is able to guarantee a range of 59 miles, the intermediate 10.5 kWh is able to travel 160 km and the upper 14 kWh reaches 230 km on one charge.

Filling up to 80% electricity takes four hours for the two smaller units and three hours for the larger unit when plugged into a standard European 220V household socket.

For now, the production target after start-up is 10,000 units per year. But already the company claims to have 30,000 bookings. Microlino fever has already started.

by Vincenzo Borgomeo

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