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The midday protest: queues at the polls in Moscow. ‘At least 74 arrests in Russia’. Applause for Navalny’s widow in Berlin – News

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The midday protest: queues at the polls in Moscow.  ‘At least 74 arrests in Russia’.  Applause for Navalny’s widow in Berlin – News

Long queues are forming in front of several polling stations in central Moscow, as ANSA found. A queue of several hundred people had formed on the historic Arbat Street around midday, when the protest called by Navalny was scheduled. The police, present in force, limit themselves to monitoring the situation and regulating the flow of voters. Various media and social media also show queues at other polling stations, including one in St. Petersburg.

Listen to “The ballot boxes of the patriots” on Spreaker.

Long queues of voters also outside the polling stations located in various Russian embassies abroad, around noon. Novaya Gazeta Europe testifies to this by posting many videos and photos on social media. The images show many people in Astana, Kazakhstan, the same in Berlin, Istanbul and Sofia.

Video Midday protest, applause for Navalny’s widow at the Russian embassy in Berlin

Yulia Navalnaya, the widow of Aleksei Navalny, chose the line of voters outside the Russian embassy in Berlin to celebrate the “Mezzogiorno against Putin” initiative, relaunched by her husband shortly before his death. As can be seen from various social accounts, she appeared relaxed and smiling, holding a bouquet of flowers, while many of her greeted her and asked her for a selfie. She was greeted with applause and hugs.

For further information ANSA Agency Queuing at the Russian embassy in Rome, ‘Free Russia’ – News – Ansa.it Chants, placards and voices against (but also pro) Putin (ANSA)

Sale a 74 the number of people arrested across the country for protesting outside polling stations on this last election day. This was announced by the NGO, Ovd-Info.

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Halfway through the third and final day of the presidential elections in Russia Voter turnout exceeded the 67.5% figure recorded in 2018when the elections were held on a single day, according to what the Central Electoral Commission reports, cited by Tass.

For further information Agenzia ANSA The Russian ambassador praises Italy for cooperation in the vote – News – Ansa.it Paramonov: ‘Unlike other Western countries’ (ANSA)

According to Moscow, a Ukrainian drone attack hit a polling station for the Russian presidential elections in the occupied part of the Ukrainian region of Zaporizhzhia: Tass writes, citing a local pro-Russian politician. The attack, writes the Russian agency, occurred in the town of Kamenka-Dneprovskaya, near the front line, and the affected building of the local House of Culture, which housed the polling station, caught fire. There were no victims, but the Russian Emergencies Ministry said that it was not possible to intervene to put out the flames because “enemy attacks continued”.

Two Molotov cocktails against the Russian embassy in Moldova

A person threw two Molotov cocktails at the Russian embassy in Chisinau, Moldova, where voting for the presidential elections was underway. “Two Molotov cocktails were thrown into the courtyard of the embassy, ​​the attacker was arrested by the police,” the spokesman for the diplomatic mission, Anatoly Loshakov, told Tass.

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