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The most dangerous foods that would increase the risk of cancer

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The most dangerous foods that would increase the risk of cancer

The science for some time he has agreed that nutrition is one of the most important factors to take care of if you want to live well and long. Eating incorrectly, not supplying the body with the necessary nutrients or, conversely, weighing it down with substances that are not adequately calibrated, can really damage the body, compromising its integrity. Now, we add a search that provides more details on role of food in health and disease prevention.

The survey, as reported by greenme.it, comes from the prestigious Imperial College of London and is based on the observation of the connection between a correct diet and the well-being of the subject. According to what emerged, there would be some foods capable of significantly increasing the risk of developing a cancer. But let’s go in order. The subject of research was the data from the UK Biobank, with all the food indications of about 200,000 adults.

These subjects were followed up and their state of health monitored ten years, in order to have a picture on the medium and long term. In particular, the number of people who had cancer in the decade under consideration was examined. It has been found that the presence in the eating habits of some frequently eaten foods would be connected to risky health conditions. But what foods are we talking about?

In the center of the viewfinder are finished i ultra-processed foods, at economical prices that contain high amounts of preservatives and dyes. Elements very harmful to humans. Among the foods to reduce consumption to avoid endangering one’s health are packaged bread, ready meals, breakfast cereals, soups and ready-to-eat pizzas. And again: cured meats, french fries, hot dogs, cakes, biscuits and packaged donuts. Therefore, it is better to dose these products with caution in your daily life, avoiding any excess.

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