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the new Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery is born

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The Miulli becomes a University Hospital: the new Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery is born © Puglia Region

n the accreditation of Minister of University and Research for the academic year 2021/2022, relating to new Single-Cycle Master’s Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery, a project started about ten years ago and which follows the decisive memorandum of understanding between the Regional General Hospital “F. Miulli ”, the Puglia Region e the Free Mediterranean University “Giuseppe Degennaro”, thus responding to a need forinnovation widely felt in the health field and increased due to the epidemiological emergency from COVID 19.

With the new Degree Course, the Miulli Institute becomes even more protagonist of a multidisciplinary path of a theoretical, practical and research nature, which will be fully implemented starting from the 3rd year of start-up. Miulli consequently also expands its scope of activity, operating no longer only as a classified hospital but entering the category of University Hospital. An important objective, obtained in collaboration with other Apulian institutional and university structures, national and international, and which serves health professionals to nourish the concrete possibility of undertaking a career both of an academic and assistance nature in Puglia.

All this will give the possibility of not letting the best local intelligence emigrate, but also of encourage other high-level professionals to operate in our region. The aim is therefore to create a virtuous circle for a stable improvement of the quality of care, which goes in favor of the community and patients in the area.


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