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The Pros and Cons of IV Therapy: Who is it Suitable for?

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The Pros and Cons of IV Therapy: Who is it Suitable for?

Controversy Surrounding IV Therapy: Expert Weighs In on its Suitability and Risks

In the wake of the controversy sparked by Martina Colombari’s endorsement of IV Therapy, a popular treatment known for its use of vitamin drips administered in IV bars, experts from both sides of the debate have spoken out. The question remains: who does IV Therapy benefit and what are the potential risks involved?

IV Therapy, a treatment originating in the United States and gaining popularity among VIPs and the general public alike, is administered in specialized centers where vitamins and minerals are delivered intravenously. While it is still a relatively new topic in Italy, the number of clinics offering these treatments is on the rise. Celebrities such as Rihanna and Kim Kardashian have already experimented with intravenous vitamin drips in the US, giving further attention to this therapeutic trend.

Martina Colombari, former Miss Italy and influencer, recently sparked a conversation about IV Therapy in Italy by sharing her experience on social media. She stated that IV Therapy is a personalized treatment aimed at strengthening the immune system, reducing signs of aging, and detoxifying the blood. Colombari emphasized the importance of taking care of oneself, especially during busy periods, and highlighted the infusion of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and active ingredients to improve overall well-being and energy levels.

IV Therapy is marketed as an advanced therapy that can restore well-being and health. It is believed to be beneficial for conditions such as fatigue, low energy, libido, skin disorders, thyroid disorders, anemias, and weight management difficulties. However, Giovanni Leoni, vice-president of the National Federation of General Practitioners, points out that a proper Mediterranean diet already provides an adequate supply of vitamins and nutrients. According to a study, the average American diet already exceeds the daily requirement for vitamin C by a large margin.

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Despite the claims made about the benefits of IV Therapy, scientific literature supporting its effectiveness is still lacking. Dr. Leoni emphasizes that there is a need for comparable and measurable studies to provide evidence of the therapy’s benefits. While IV Therapy may be more permissively regulated in the US, in Italy, a doctor’s prescription is required for venous access and the administration must be performed by medical professionals.

The contents of the IV drips can vary widely, and their elimination from the body through the kidneys or liver requires medical supervision to prevent complications. Additionally, the procedure itself carries risks such as phlebitis and vasovagal crises, especially when repeated injections are involved. In the US, IV Therapy can cost up to 300 or 400 euros and lasts for about an hour on average. However, it is important to note that the effectiveness of the treatment is not guaranteed.

Giulia, a 40-year-old Italian living in the US, shared her negative experience with IV Therapy. After receiving a fast-flowing IV drip, she experienced shortness of breath and had to turn off the supply herself. Dr. Leoni explains that administering large amounts of fluids rapidly can lead to pulmonary hypertension and dyspnea. Intravenous infusions in hospitals are typically reserved for specific cases, such as post-surgery or trauma patients, and are administered under medical supervision. In contrast, healthy individuals who undergo IV Therapy receive large volumes of fluids in a short period.

It is worth noting that the US has less stringent regulations for opening IV Therapy centers, and a doctor’s prescription is not always necessary. In Italy, however, strict legislation requires appropriate legal authorizations and the supervision of a doctor to ensure safe practices and address any unforeseen complications.

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Dr. Leoni concludes by highlighting the importance of a balanced lifestyle and the pursuit of eternal youth through healthy habits. While some individuals may benefit from IV Therapy, it is crucial to consider the potential risks involved and consult with medical professionals.

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