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the protocol for the construction of road infrastructure was signed today – Health

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the protocol for the construction of road infrastructure was signed today – Health

Safe access, new connections, adaptation of the mobility and parking system are the main points of the agreement signed today by the Region, Province and Municipality of Piacenza. The entire structure will be accessible, inside and outside, from a hospital street that connects the blocks

22 April 2024 – Access safely, adapt the mobility and parking system. They are the points of protocol signed today a Piacenza dal Commonfrom the Province and from Emilia Romagna region for the realization of road infrastructure which will guarantee safer access conditions to the new hospital. The signature is a further step forward currently towards the construction of the Piacenza hospital complex in the design phase.

The Region undertakes to find the resources, within the maximum limit of 17 million eurosnecessary for the realization of the road workswhile at Province is responsible for the design and construction of the resection of the Farnesiana road in the section of the Piacenza ring road and the implementation of a cycle/pedestrian path on the Farnesiana road; The Common will design and implement a series of specific interventions, in particular: the resecting of Goitre and Bubba streets and the urban stretch of Strada Farnesiana; a new road connection between Via Bubba and Strada Farnesiana; cycle and pedestrian paths to the north and south, in the park and on the Farnesiana road; anti-noise dunes and acoustic barriers; green works and hydraulic devices for water lamination; green works with anti-phonic protection and technological networks. Municipality and Provincefinally, they undertake to take action to find the necessary financial resources, in addition to those made available by the Region.

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The set of works envisaged by the protocol will implement the road network and allow the construction of new connections that connect the territory and the hospital. Furthermore, according to the project, the entire structure it will be passable, inside and outside, from a hospital street which connects the blocks, with reception services for operators and users.

Resources for the new hospital

The new Piacenza Hospital is part of the healthcare construction plan approved by the Region which, with a loan of 445 million euros, will lead to Emilia Romagna new hospitals, new local health facilities – from health homes to community hospitals – new operating rooms and hospital pavilions and will redevelop existing ones. In particular, the ‘Multi-year investment program in Healthcare VII Phase – First and second phase’in the case ofPiacenza Hospitalprovides financing for 296 million euros, over 160 million of which by public-private partnership.

What the new hospital will be like

The hospital will grow up 117 thousand square meters of surface, with 5 levels above ground and one underground. THE beds they will be 498 plus another 80 flexible places, spread over 8 macro healthcare areas. I parking spaces will be available 1.418 and the area will be reachable by two cycle paths. Planting is planned 1,500 trees in the surrounding green space, of over 100 thousand square metres.

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