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The Queen is here! “White Night Aurora” Limited Time Event “Queen of Hourglass” New Light, New System Comes Coldly | 4Gamers

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With the revision of the strategy online RPG mobile game “White Night Aurora”, the plot has finally advanced to another wave of new peaks.

This event “Hourglass Queen” is rich in content, including new limited-time gameplay, reward activities, system adjustments, and a new special event book. The “queen” that everyone has been looking forward to since a few months ago has finally appeared in the form of limited light in this revision.

New limited-time gameplay “Northern Journey”

The highlight of the limited-time event “Queen of the Hourglass” is the limited-time level that opens with the event.

The levels can be roughly divided into three parts, which can be unlocked after passing the mainline levels 1-16. They are “Journey to the North”, which is mainly based on the promotion of the extra story, “Aurora Trial” for challenging gameplay, and “Mirror Lake Argument” for the fun quiz. Each game will be gradually opened with the event schedule.


“Journey to the North” is a series of challenging levels with intertwined plots and battles. Unlike the main line, entering the level does not consume prisms, but “action points”. The upper limit of action points is 30 points, which will recover over time (1 point every 4 hours), so all navigators must master the rhythm of consuming points so as not to waste them.

The “Aurora Trial” opened in the second stage of the event is a series of battle challenge levels. Each level has a unique configuration and conditions that test the player’s strength. After passing the level, you can get rich rewards, please try your best to challenge it.


The third part “Mirror Lake Hidden Words” is quite special. It is not a battle level, but a fun quiz. There are two levels of difficulty in each “Question of Mirror Lake” level. The questions will be posed by Novia, and the navigators will have a quiz game. After successfully answering the questions, you can get one-time rewards such as light and materials.

The questions are all very interesting, and the more players experience “White Night Aurora”, the more fun they can find in this gameplay. Don’t be discouraged if you answer wrong, you can restart the challenge at any time. The goal is to become the Knowledge King of the White Night! In addition, the customary brand-new Guangling trial level “Guangling’s First View” will be rewarded if you succeed in the challenge.



Event shop “Cedar Market”

As long as you play the “Journey to the North” event level, or play the main story and resource levels by consuming Jihan, you can get the event-limited item “Mistletoe Fruit”. This item is the exclusive currency of the event store “Cedar Market”, which can be exchanged for many game rewards during the period.

The redemption prizes include the new five-star light spirit “Alora” and its breakthrough heart, limited furniture, upgraded materials, special summon stars, light spirit breakthrough props and other rich awards. It should be noted that “Mistletoe Fruit” can only be obtained during the “Queen of Hourglass” event, and it will be converted into White Night Coins at a ratio of 1:15 after the event ends.


Limited Summoning “Queen of the North” Guangling Brief Commentary and Guarantee Mechanism

The “Hourglass Queen” event has updated three light spirits, namely, the six-star light spirits “Bethlehem” and “Novia”, and the five-star light spirit “Alora”, which can be exchanged through the Cedar Market.

The bottom guarantee mechanism has also been introduced in this summoning of the spirits. In the card pool that conforms to the mechanism, if the six-star spirits obtained from two consecutive summons are not spirits with an UP probability, the six-star spirits obtained by the next summoning must have a probability of UP. For more detailed guarantee rules, please refer to the official instructions in the game.

Queen of the North “Bethlehem” (CV. Amemiya)

The queen that all players are looking forward to is finally coming! The queen, who exudes beauty and power at the same time, lives in seclusion in the north with unhurried grace and mighty power. Her life was bound by fate, and she could only do her best to protect the frozen land in the north. However, she deeply understands that the sacrifice is for her own people, so she is happy.


Bethlehem is a character with water attribute changes, and the attribute is water (main)/water (sub)

The strongest point of Bethlehem lies in the active skill “Condensation Brake”, which can convert four grounds of your choice into the water attribute. Although it can only turn four squares, there are not many, but the focus is on “self-selection”, which is very helpful for creating long chains (long chains are the core of the battle of the White Night Aurora), and it is an indispensable part of the water team.

In addition, although the output of Bethlehem is not high, the active skills can also buff water teammates by the way, enhance the team’s attack power, and have a strong auxiliary effect. It is highly recommended to take this opportunity to obtain at least one burst of Bethlehem.




Blue Fire Healing Heart “Novia” (CV. Midorikawa Hikaru)

It is too understandable to invite Uncle Guang as a seiyuu. Novia has served several Northern Queens and is a rather mysterious figure. He is gentle and elegant, loves to read, and feeds the little snow rabbit beside him while reading, which is even more heart-warming, but his gentle exterior seems to contain fiery abilities.


Novia is the auxiliary fire attribute, and the final attribute is fire (main)/fire (secondary)

As a rare fire teacher, Novia is a very rare existence. Compared with other supplementary teachers, the biggest difference is that it will provide a certain level of output when chained, and it is quite versatile.

However, due to the dual fire attributes, it is a pity that only the fire grid can trigger the recovery, but Zero Sudden can play most of the active skill effects, and the extremely low cultivation threshold is also Novia’s best advantage. Taking away a Novia Expansion Fire Team will never hurt.




Sleeping Fantasy Vine “Alora” (CV. Nozomi Yamamoto)

Ai Luola, a forest girl, is full of innocence and innocence, always making everyone unable to resist. Just talk to her and get little gifts like honey, flowers and cakes, really carefree. Under a certain chance, Alora met Her Majesty the Queen. Under the care of the queen, she gradually mastered the magical “flower vine” ability, and was active beside the queen as a little helper.


Ailora is a forest-type sniper whose final attributes are forest (main)/water (sub)

Alora’s active skill “Revival Strike” is very interesting. After activation, it can select an enemy to deal 750% damage, which is amazing. However, if the enemy is still alive after the round, it will restore health equal to the damage.

This makes Alora a true sniper-based attacker. As long as she is sure to take it away in one wave, she can exert a very powerful combat power. In addition, after equipping the skill Jue 3 and walking to any attribute grid, chain skills can be activated, which is quite powerful. Seize the opportunity of the event to make Alola break through Jue full as much as possible.



Double Rewards, Walker System, Simulation Room and More Evolutions

In addition to the above points, the revision of “Queen of the Hourglass” also includes many system improvements and evolutions. First of all, everyone who founded the country with agriculture is blessed! The game will usher in a time-limited double reward time. During the double reward period, the reward resources of the main story and challenge levels will be doubled, and the doubled resources will make you more happy.

The carrier system has also been improved. The carrier will be suitable for the main line and resource levels. A battle can carry up to two carriers, making the battle easier.

In addition, the “Simulation Room” system has been added to the Colossus. The simulation room is an extension of the “Command Secret” gameplay in the last wave of “Bright Night”. Players can consume data discs to simulate battles of various difficulties, test their strategic strength, and obtain rewards such as light and materials. As the Colossus level increases, more difficult simulation rooms will be opened.


Special Events Book Issue 4 and More Good Health Information

The fourth issue of the special event book (aka. Battle Pass) is also officially launched in this update. It is divided into three levels: Basic Edition/Elite Edition/Deluxe Edition as usual. Completing quests will earn you event book experience, and get two outfits, “Snow Solstice” (Basic Edition), “Cinderella That Day of Arya” (Elite Edition), as well as furniture, light bulbs, etc. Various rewards.




Two new fashions are also on sale immediately. They are the six-star light spirit “Victoria Ash Rose” and the six-star light spirit “Gunlu Christmas Eve”. Of course, all kinds of reward activities will not be absent.

Log in for eight days in the Hourglass Queen event to get the following rewards:

• Log in for 1 day in total: Mistletoe Fruit × 500, Second-Order Yingyu·Common × 5
• Accumulated login for 2 days: Light Amber × 100, White Night Coin × 5000
• Log in for 3 days in total: Mistletoe Fruit × 1000, Charger Box × 1
• Accumulated login for 4 days: Light Po x 200, Anonymous Gift Bag x 3
• Accumulative login for 5 days: Five-star Light Spirit “Knowledge”, White Night Coin × 10000
• Log in for 6 days in total: Sapphire Stone×5, Charger Box×2
• 7 days of logging in: Mistletoe Fruit x 2000, Anonymous Gift Bag x 4
• Log in for 8 days in total: Light Pork × 500, “Queen’s Shock” (event-exclusive avatar) × 1

In addition, there are many login activities and good news, please go to the official website to confirm the details!


In addition, “White Night Aurora” will participate in this year’s “2022 Taipei International Game Show”, and the booth location is “J404”. Presumably there will be many exciting events at that time. All navigators remember to pay close attention to the official website and fan group to keep abreast of the latest information.

“White Night Aurora” official website
“White Night Aurora” official fan group
Join “White Night Aurora”



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